Guilty Pleasures: Survivorman Bigfoot

I really hate to include Survivorman Bigfoot in my guilty pleasures category, mainly because unlike the other shows that I have lumped into this category, Survivorman Bigfoot is actually very well-done. The concept is simple: survival expert Les Stroud strikes out into the wilderness, sometimes accompanied by local Bigfoot researchers, in order to find proof […]

“Naked and Scared” Haunted House Event Canceled

Remember last week, when the news was buzzing about that haunted house in Pennsylvania that would allow visitors to go in nude? Yeah, well that’s been canceled. It seems the town officials didn’t think it was such a good idea. But guests can still go through in their underwear. Because that’s just as much fun! […]

Giant Squid Filmed for the First Time

We here at The Occult Section love when new species are discovered (or are proven to exist). The big news this week is that scientists have finally filmed a living giant squid. Kudos to all the scientists who worked so hard getting these images. Kraken. Devilfish. Giant squid. One of the mysterious inhabitants of the […]

‘Survivorman’ Les Stroud Talks Bigfoot

I have always loved the Discovery Channel series Survivorman. For those who are unfamiliar with the show, survivalist Les Stroud spends 7 days in the wilderness, with only his cameras, the clothes on his back a few simple supplies (and by simple, I mean things like a paperclip, credit card, ball point pen, etc.). Unlike […]

William Shatner hosts ‘Weird or What’ for Discovery

Unlike a lot of people, I really like William Shatner. Go ahead, make fun of his toupée, his weight, his…jaunted…and overly…melodramatic…way…of…acting. But he’s an icon, and he knows how to laugh at himself. Also, he’s friggin’ Captain Kirk. So anything he does is gold in my book. Especially if he’s going to be hosting a […]