UFO Nearly Causes Mid-Air Collision in Denver?

Birds seem to be getting a bad rap lately when it comes to airplanes and potential (or actual) crashes. It seems as though the pilot of a small airliner spotted something in the sky that he could not identify. The pilot says it looked like a large remote-controlled aircraft, but birds are being thrown into […]

Erie Burglar Steals Bigfoot Costume and Copper Piping

We love local police blotters and their related stories here at The Occult Section. Usually they’re pretty boring and mundane, but every now and then we find a little nugget of paranormal awesomeness. Laura Pennace usually tackles these stories, but as she’s on a sabbatical of sorts, I’ll take this one. Erie Police are on […]

Initiative Would Create UFO Commission In Denver

I wish I had a chance to vote on something like this. In Denver, Colorado, now officially one of the more interesting cities in the country, residents will be voting next August as to whether or not to create a panel to study the possible existence UFOs. It’s pretty interesting that it will be up […]