Maryland Mom Kills Two of Her Children During Exorcism

Most stories we cover here about criminal activity linked to the paranormal have a somewhat humorous twist, but this one is not humorous at all. It’s just sad and tragic. I’ve been a Child Protective Specialist with the New York City Administration for Children’s Services for a few years now, and I’ve already heard numerous stories […]

Long Island Widow Believes Home is Haunted by a Demon

This is an older story, but one we found interesting nonetheless. A woman in Long Island claims that her house is haunted, but a paranormal investigator and psychic that she “hired” told her she had a demon. Which seems to be the thing to do, these days. And I’m guessing that the power of that […]

Florida teacher accused of performing demonic ritual on students

If you’ve been watching the news lately, you’ve no doubt noticed story after story of students being abused by teachers. Teachers bullying children with autism, male teachers putting cameras in the girl’s bathrooms, and even female teachers sleeping with underage male students. What does any of this have to do with the paranormal? Read on… […]

Man claims demons and ghosts told him to destroy hotel room

There seems to be more and more paranormally-motivated crime happening these days. That, or people are just crazy as they ever were and ghosts and demons are just the new excuses. A man in Memphis is now behind bars for allegedly trashing his hotel room, because he needed to get rid of the (you guessed […]

To Ouija, or Not to Ouija

You scream; I scream; we all scream for – scary movies! Yes, even the upcoming ones that have just a smidgeon of a chance to turn out totally lame. Enter “Ouija,” Universal Pictures’ newest interest in the realm of paranormal-genre movies. Although the idea sounds a bit cheesy, hit director Michael Bay’s production company is […]

Exorcists meet in Poland to tackle vampires and mental illness

I’ve never been to keen on exorcisms. There’s just something about them that seems overly melodramatic. And there’s something about them that doesn’t sit right with me. I mean if Satan (or a demon) can possess someone’s body, make them speak in tongues, and perform all sorts of other supernatural feats, why not do something […]

Paranormal Activity

Now I know I’m a little behind the curve, but I finally just got around to seeing “Paranormal Activity.” I thought it was overall a good movie, though the ending could have been a little better (like maybe not so, er, in your face). It’s good to leave things to mystery sometimes! Anyway, since I’ve […]