Mystery Booms Heard in Connecticut

I have been interested in mysterious “booms” ever since I was a kid and read about the Barisal Guns in what was probably my first ever book on the paranormal. The Barisal Guns, for those unfamiliar with the phenomenon, refers to the series of sonic booms heard in the Barisal region of what is now […]

Norwich Hospital May Laugh All the Way to the Bank Charging for Paranormal Investigations

People often ask us at the New York Paranormal Society if we’ve ever investigated famous “haunted” locations, like Eastern State Penitentiary, Fort Mifflin, or, well, insert any local allegedly haunted asylum/hospital/penitentiary here. And our answer is always “no.” Not because we are not interested, and not that we wouldn’t love to investigate these places, but mainly […]

Ghost Hunter Wins Powerball

While doing research for the blog, we came across this story, which at first presents itself as a feel-good tale of bouncing back from financial oblivion. But it piqued our interest for another reason as well: reading between the lines, it would almost seem as though this guy went broke because of his paranormal group. […]

Sandy Hook Mom Says Son’s Psychic Abilities Saved Him From Shooting

For the most part, I don’t like psychics. For one, their accuracy is about as good as someone who doesn’t claim to be psychic. Second, they make these outrageous claims about having these superpowers, and point to all the times they coincidentally happened to be correct, and wave off all the times that they are […]

Bantam Lake UFO and Litchfield Bigfoot

A few months ago, I blogged about the alleged UFO that fell into Bantam Lake in Litchfield, Connecticut. I also mentioned how I usually camp on Bantam Lake every summer. Now The Litchfield County Times is reporting that there is still no evidence that anything crashed into the lake, and if something did, it was […]

Bantam Lake UFO

Ok, so this is a story that I had to blog about. There are stories all over the internet this week about a UFO falling into Bantam Lake, which is in Litchfield, Connecticut. Now for the past thirty or so years, I have been camping on Bantam Lake every summer. So this really hits home […]

So this ghost-hunting arsonist walks into a bar…

What a doofus: Steven Lamotte, a Norwich, CT man was arrested for trying to set Norwich Hospital on fire. Yes, the entire hospital. Norwich Hospital was featured on the mid-season finale of “Ghost Hunters” in May. I found a somewhat ironic blurb about that (I have bolded the funny part): Preston – The Norwich State […]

Teen Ghost Hunters Jump off Cliff Fleeing ‘Haunted’ Sanatorium

While the title of the article is a bit misleading, the point of the article is true over and over again: do not tresspass, do not run from the police, and do not jump off cliffs. It’s a hot mess. And, for goodness sake, if you’re going to get caught, do NOT say you are […]

Paranormal investigator arrested in Connecticut

The first rule of being a paranormal investigator is to make sure you are doing everything legally (i.e., not trespassing)! Though this particular case seems to be more about choosing the wrong kinds of team members. (Although, interestingly, the person arrested is also the founder of the group…) ENFIELD, Conn. – A Connecticut-based paranormal investigator […]

Greenwich police respond to ‘UFO’ sighting

What better place to host an alien invasion than Greenwich, CT? I mean, let’s face it – there is no better place. Over the weekend, police in Greenwich received multiple calls from concerned residents about dozens of glowing lights in the evening sky: The bright, moving lights in the sky caused several people to call […]