Staten Island UFO sightings

20 UFO Sightings on Staten Island in 4 Years

Staten Island is usually referred to as “the forgotten borough” of New York City, more often the butt of jokes rather than being seen as a tourist destination or a trendy place to live. Even the local politicians seem to ignore or forget Staten Island in their dealings. But it is forgotten when it comes […]

Creepy Clown Spotted on Staten Island

As a native New Yorker and a paranormal investigator, I have to say that in my opinion, the creepiest borough in New York City is Staten Island. Not Manhattan, not Brooklyn. Queens is barely on my radar, and the Bronx is scary for non-paranormal reasons, but the forgotten borough is the place to be if […]

A peek at the paranormal, and haunting beauty in two exhibitions

It seems as though the paranormal is an increasingly popular topic among the arts. If you happen to find yourself in the Hamptons (I mean, I find that to be true of myself all the time. Kidding.) you should check out this show! The gallery walls are garden variety white, but the artwork displayed on […]