The dangerous new game of UFO laser tag

College students, for all of their education, are usually pretty stupid. I’m not too old to still remember things I did in college, and the even dumber things my friends and classmates did. It’s a dangerous time in life, being that dangerous blend of adult and child. And usually the childish side wins, and usually […]

Community College Cancels Ghost Hunters Course

As if there’s not enough about the ghost hunting community to feel embarrassed about already, now it turns out that courses in paranormal investigating are being offered…right alongside basket weaving and microwave cookery. Yes, aspiring ghost hunters could (up until recently) take a course at a community college about paranormal investigations. People who call Harrisburg […]

UFO studies should be ‘legitimate university subject’, claims American professor

I remember taking a course in Parapsychology back in college many years ago. I thought it would focus on the things I love, like ghosts, cryptozoology, ufology, etc. Instead, it really was more focused on things like ESP, psychic abilities, the history of spirituality, etc. Or rather, I should say it focused on debunking these […]

Flu victim haunts Heritage Hall

You all may be wondering to yourself (maybe even at this very minute), “Is Canada haunted?” Well I am here to put your mind at ease. Yes, it is. Especially SAIT Polytechnic in Alberta. All good haunted house stories start off with a dark and sinister past and the tale of three SAIT buildings is […]