Ghost hunters trespass to investigate storm drain

Homeowners Clash With Ghost Hunters Over “Portal to Hell” On Their Property

As a paranormal investigator and someone who has been intrigued by the paranormal since I was very young, I’ve had a bit of internal conflict lately. I’m immensely interested in the paranormal field, but ashamed at the circus-like aura that has enveloped it lately. With the popularity of the paranormal came the leeches, the people […]

Suspected ‘Ghost Hunters’ Rob Bobby Mackey’s Music World

We give the paranormal community and ghost hunters in general a lot of ribbing here, usually good-natured, and more often than not, well-deserved, but I’m a bit perplexed by this story. Just because Bobby Mackey’s is supposed to be haunted, the two guys who recently robbed the club of thousands of dollars worth of liquor […]

Miamitown Ghost Tour and Paranormal Fall Fest

For those of you who live outside of Cincinnati, you’ve probably never heard of Miamitown, Ohio, located in the Southwestern corner of the state. Even those of you who are from Cincinnati may very well have never heard of the Whitewater Township location, but brothers Jeff and Michael Morris – founders of Miamitown Ghost Tours […]

Bobby Mackey’s Music World: Honky-Tonk Heaven or Hell?

I grew up in Cincinnati, just across the river from Bobby Mackey’s Music World. For locals, the country music bar is a cornerstone of the area’s haunted folklore; it also repeatedly tops lists of haunted places in America and has been featured on shows like Ghost Adventures and A Haunting. It has also been investigated […]