Chinese Woman Trapped in a Wall is Mistaken for a Ghost

The New York Daily News has been a treasure trove of good stories as of late. Well, ok, maybe just a “trove” of two stories. But at least this one didn’t make the front page. A woman in China walks down an alleyway with increasingly narrow walls, and gets stuck when she wedges herself between […]

Haunted house used to train China’s SWAT teams

Ummm. So, yeah. I am not quite sure what to make of this story, except to say that I find that there are many, many other real-life dangers that should probably be addressed much more than this type of “danger.” China’s SWAT teams are brought to a “haunted house” as part of their training to […]

55-foot ‘Sea Monster’ Washes Up In China

I came across this article on Yahoo News today, and of course the title is misleading. I guess even journalists are now getting in on the paranormal craze of sensationalizing things. Read on to see what this sea monster could be.   A massive sea creature has washed up on a beach in Guangdong, China. […]

Local people think hair of unidentified creature could be from “Wild Man”

I always tend to be a bit cautiously optimistic when stories like this come out, but it usually turns out to be nothing. Hence my cautious optimism. Scientists in China have apparently found a hair that they cannot identify, and the locals are speculating that it might belong to the “Wild Man,” China’s version of […]

UFO Sightings Abound in Asia

I just came across this article a few minutes ago, which says that MSN in Malaysia has reported a UFO sighting above a beach resort. Some more searching turned up an article containing this picture you see on the right, which was supposedly taken by a witness near the resort. It caught my attention because I remembered […]