Cleveland Woman Finds Ghostly Couple in Cell Phone Photos

I’m always very suspicious of photographs of ghosts, especially in this day and age of apps and computer software that can let you manipulate photos in any way you want. Perhaps one of the easiest things to do is take an image of a person, make it transparent, and superimpose it onto another photograph. Bam. Instant ghost […]

Ghosts are Using Mobile Phones?

I’m not sure why this Phil Hayes of Paranormal Research UK thinks that ghosts are now using cell phones to try to contact the living, but he does, according to this article over at Gaj-It: If you think living human beings are the only ones embracing modern technology, you are in for a surprise. Apparently, […]

Mobile phone users in Kenya urged to ignore death messages doing rounds

There’s a wild rumor spreading in Kenya: if you receive (and subsequently answer) a phone call from a phone number in red, you will die shortly thereafter. The theory behind the rumor is that the red text on the cell phone somehow emits a higher frequency of electro-magnetic fields and causes brain hemorrhaging. Not surprisingly, […]