Miley Cyrus Stalked by Ghosts in London

Yes, it’s another addition to the list of celebrity ghost stories. Apparently Miley Cyrus had some paranormal activity in her London apartment during her 2009 tour. I’m terrible at research, so does anyone know if she had been smoking marijuana back then? Also, this is not the first time the Cyrus family has been linked to the […]

King Richard III’s Skeleton, Lost for Centuries, Found After “Hunch”

This is a fascinating story that I frankly don’t know how to process. The location of the body of 32-year-old King Richard III, who died in 1485 at the Battle of Bosworth Field, has been unknown for centuries. Fast forward to 2009, when Philippa Langley allegedly sensed the exact spot where his body was (underneath a […]

Britain Visited By One UFO Per Month, But They Pose No Threat

A government entity putting an end to its own investigation into UFOs? As George Harrison once said, “It’s been done.” Personally, I don’t see this as an admission by anyone in government that UFOs actually exist. I think there’s a bit of semantics going on here, as a lot of people forget what the “U” […]

Ghostly face seen at Sutton car park

Okay, I’ll be honest. I saw this article and thought it not exciting enough to blog – I mean, really, how many photos of things that look like faces/ghosts but really aren’t can we blog about? (Sidenote: holy crap, that took a long time to link.) But this one out of the UK (they LOVE […]

Adele Invites Paranormal Enthusiast Robbie Williams and Ayda Field to Haunted Sussex Estate

I love me some Adele. I mean, who doesn’t? She’s so hot right now. AND she believes her crazy huge house is haunted. Naturally, when you are rich and famous you invite other people who are rich and (slightly less) famous than you to come find out what’s going on. Adele has invited Robbie Williams […]

OMG, an orb!! It’s a ghost!!

Ha! Made you look! We’ve said it before: orbs aren’t paranormal. Though judging by this story from the UK, some people haven’t seen the memo yet. GHOSTLY goings-on have been captured at Huddersfield railway station. A mysterious glowing white orb has been recorded floating through the station shop on four separate occasions – and it’s […]

Middlesbrough mum spooked by ghostly shape caught on camera

Yes folks, I do apologize. This is yet another “another ghost caught on camera?” post. (PS: the answer to the question is pretty much always no). Shockingly, this story is from Britain (cough cough so is every other story I’m doing lately!) and looks pretty fake from the get-go. There’s more than one popular “ghost […]

Ghostly images included in painting of haunted Halifax pub

Another British paranormal news piece that I’m blogging about 90% because of the picture they article included (and 10% for the name of the pub). No shame. I also like the generic team name that is mentioned: the Paranormal Society. From The Halifax Courier: GHOSTLY images have been included in a painting of a haunted […]

Ghostly figure is caught on camera (hint: not really)

I love when people take a picture, see something they think is out of the ordinary, and automatically assume it’s a ghost. The fact this dock is closed when this picture was taken still makes me think it’s much more likely this picture of a figure is actually just a person (trespassing?) than a ghost. […]

Mystery surrounds ghostly appearance during play

The Brits love ghosts – I daresay even moreso than Americans do. Every story I find as of late seems to be from Britain. So let’s get this party started…first up, from the Wirral News: MYSTERY surrounds the appearance of a ghostly image taken during the performance of a spooky play in Wirral. The unexpected […]