The Year in Review: 2013 – Part 2

Happy New Year, readers! 2014 is here, and it’s time once again to look back at the previous year. I first did a “Year in Review” series back in 2012 (for 2011), but wasn’t able to do one last year. The demands of my job at the time were too great, and I was bogged […]

Miley Cyrus Stalked by Ghosts in London

Yes, it’s another addition to the list of celebrity ghost stories. Apparently Miley Cyrus had some paranormal activity in her London apartment during her 2009 tour. I’m terrible at research, so does anyone know if she had been smoking marijuana back then? Also, this is not the first time the Cyrus family has been linked to the […]

Billy Ray Cyrus to Host SyFy Show, Crushes the Achy Breaky Hearts of UFO Enthusiasts

We’ve done our fair share of dissing the SyFy network around here lately, but when stories like this pop up, they just make it too easy for us to do so. Case in point: this article I came across yesterday, reporting that Billy Ray Cyrus is going to be teaming up with his son to […]

Roswell’s UFO Fest receives $150,000 in city funds

A few months back, I reported on a crisis in Roswell, NM: city officials were going to pull the plug on the annual UFO Festival. A few weeks later, I reported how such musical luminaries as Billy Ray Cyrus and Phil Vassar had pulled out of the festival, afraid that they might not get their […]

Musicians drop Roswell UFO Festival shows

Earlier this month, I blogged about how Roswell may be pulling the funding for its annual UFO festival. Well, I guess some of the “entertainers” who were supposed to appear at this year’s event caught wind of this and promptly pulled out. News West 9 explains: ROSWELL, N.M. (AP) – Organizers of the Roswell UFO […]