Stealth Airship to Look for Bigfoot In California

There is a segment of the paranormal/cryptozoological community that is constantly trying to link Bigfoot to UFO phenomena, and now there may be some more reason for these people to think that. If they don’t read this story, that is. Normally we’d goof on a story like this, but with Dr. Jeff Meldrum involved, I’m […]

Bigfoot Caught on Video in Ohio

Sometimes when paranormal evidence is presented, the best way to tell if it is real or faked is to look at things besides what is claiming to have been captured. In the past I’ve presented supposed UFO/Bigfoot footage where the cameraman has been completely calm and quiet during the encounter. There is a similar absence […]

Bigfoot Captured on Security Camera?

It’s not too often that I use other blogs as a source for news items, but Javier Ortega over at Ghost Theory has a knack for digging up juicy paranormal items, and this story is no different. It’s been a while since any really good Bigfoot video has been taken, but this caught my eye, […]