Bigfoot Likes Pizza and Nutter Butters?

There’s been a lot of drama surrounding the Bigfoot community as of late. First there was the report of numbskull hoaxer Rick Dyer claiming once again (he claimed the same thing in 2008, and the Bigfoot turned out to be a gorilla costume and some racoon entrails in a cooler) that he had shot and […]

I Want to Believe: Bigfoot on the Brain

The summer of my Bigfoot obsession began with an episode of MonsterQuest on the History Channel, which had long since stopped showing shows about history. I was watching my niece—she was napping and I was half asleep on the couch. I heard a groan escape the television and crawl its way up my toes, my […]

New Bigfoot Map Details Sightings

So you want to hunt Bigfoot, but don’t know where to start? Try reading a book! No, but seriously, it seems as though a doctoral candidate has plugged in Bigfoot sightings from the past 100 years into a computer, and generated a Bigfoot map of all of the sightings. It’s pretty common knowledge regarding where […]

Bigfoot Sighted By Nebraska Teen

When one thinks of Bigfoot habitat, Nebraska is probably one of the last places most people think about. The Pacific Northwest, Canada, even the Northeast, sure. But Nebraska? It doesn’t seem like Bigfoot country. But a teenager there has reported seeing a 7-foot tall hairy creature running across the road, and the local sheriff is […]

Finding Bigfoot Team to Use Hot Air Balloon

At this point, I think a lot of people would say that the show Finding Bigfoot couldn’t sink any lower. So apparently, Matt Moneymaker and his team are looking to do the opposite of sinking: heading into the skies in a hot air balloon in their search for Sasquatch. The Finding Bigfoot team is always open to […]

Animal Planet Has More “Finding Bigfoot”

The Animal Planet show Finding Bigfoot has become one of the biggest embarrassments to the Bigfoot community in a long time (well, maybe after the Sanger Paranormal Society tried to squeeze $5,000 out of the public to get some DNA tested). I haven’t even watched the show, because so much has come out about it […]