Car Accident Caused by UFO…?

First it was the guy who claimed a ghost was responsible for stolen items appearing in his basement, then the dude who said that a ghost beat his wife, now it’s this. Two men in Australia are saying that their car accident happened as a direct result of chasing a UFO. Is there a checkbox […]

Supernatural Supermarket: Prices so low, they’re six feet under!

Residual energy of dissatisfied shoppers long past, aisle 4. One IGA supermarket in Brompton, Australia is feeling the cold chills this week after capturing what they feel is paranormal activity on three of the store’s surveillance cameras. The footage shows a box of fruit roll ups being flung from one aisle over, through the bow […]

An Awkwardly Obvious Hoax Published in the Local News

Oh my. What happens when a family wants some media attention, and mixes a psychic who also wants media attention? This hot mess. A clearly faked photo, sleep paralysis being confused for paranormal activity, a small child who sees Santa, and a psychic who declares without a doubt there is a portal in the house […]

Australia’s UFO files mysteriously disappear

In recent months, there have been numerous government agencies in different countries releasing their supposed UFO files, and most of these turn out to be nothing. But there are also reports of many of these files going missing. Seems like this month, it’s Australia’s turn. Now the interesting thing to me is that the files […]

Ghost hunters fined for wilful damage

Last Saturday, we here at The New York Paranormal Society attended The Paranormal Roundtable at Snug Harbor in Staten Island, New York. The event was hosted by our friends at The Staten Island Paranormal Society, and was a great success, despite the horrible weather here in NYC. One of the topics raised at the roundtable […]

Scientist explains away UFO sightings

I’ll be the first to admit that any so-called “proof” of any paranormal phenomena is dubious at best, but it makes me angry when skeptics create similarly outlandish “rational” explanations for them. Bigfoot is suddenly a moose (not sure how that can be mistaken, but whatever). Ghosts are just the house settling, tricks of the […]

UFO that drove woman off road ‘was shaped like a Ford station wagon’

We all know that there are plenty of credible UFO sightings out there, with plenty of credible witnesses. The sighting mentioned in this story is not one of them: A NORTHERN Territory woman claims she was cut off by two alien beings in a spaceship shaped like a Ford station wagon – before it took […]

Photographer of Picton cemetery ghosts says photo is real

I mentioned this in a previous entry, but I just love photos that are supposed to show ghosts. There’s a new article from Australia with an interesting photo… A picture posted on yesterday prompted plenty of reader cynicism, and in Sydney – where the cemetery photo was taken – the Daily Telegraph’s website was […]