The Creepy Legend Behind La Llorona

A movie theater gave its young audience the fright of their lives after viewing The Curse of La Llorona by accident. The Guzzo Marché Central theater in Montréal showed young moviegoers The Curse of La Llorona instead of the highly anticipated Detective Pikachu. Before the movie started, parents and kids were exposed to the Joker […]

Paranormal Event Planner Scams Town

So I saw this story posted today on the Facebook page of our friends at the Antietam Paranormal Society. I’m not sure how true this story is (it’s from the Examiner), but considering recent events in the paranormal community, as well as comments on this planner’s Facebook page, it’s hard to dismiss it. There seems to be […]

Website alleges that Jared Loughner frequented UFO and conspiracy forum

And now, because the UFO and conspiracy theory communities don’t have enough kooks and crazies loudly representing their causes, news comes in that political assassin Jared Loughner was a frequent poster on the hugely popular conspiracy forum Above Top Secret. According to The Tuscon Citizen Online, Loughner posted in possibly thousands of threads under the […]