On the Trail of UFOs

On the Trail of UFOs – Review

On the Trail of UFOs is not your traditional UFO documentary series. And that’s a very good thing. The latest offering from Small Town Monsters has the crew casting their gaze upwards this time, scanning the skies for potential visitors from afar, rather than searching for the usual beasties from small town America. While their […]

Time Warp Joshua Warren

Paranormal Investigator Finds Las Vegas Time Warp?

I try to keep an open mind about all things paranormal, but I initially approach everything from a more skeptical point of view. I have, on occasion, come across things I can’t easily rationalize or debunk. But for the most part, the vast majority of paranormal or supernatural occurrences can be easily explained. I hate […]

Area 51 Pokemon Go Eevee Mewtwo

Pokémon Go Leads Players to Area 51

Kids these days, huh? What with their loud music, hula hoops, and fax machines. But the biggest fad these days: “Pokémon Go,” a new app that is bringing millions of people together to go out in the world to find imaginary Japanese cartoon characters. People using the app have found dead bodies, been apprehended on […]

Rihanna Hires Sky Scanner to Spot UFOs

To this day, the best tabloid stories come from Great Britain. Nobody does yellow journalism better, with “insiders” apparently coming forward with all sorts of knowledge about celebrities or the government or what have you, and yet not wanting to be named, or having the real key details. We published a story a while back […]

UFO Enthusiasts React to CIA Disclosure on Area 51

The existence of Area 51, also known as Dreamland and Groom Lake, has been common knowledge for a long time know, and even the government has vaguely acknowledged that the base existed. But now some recently released documents by the CIA confirm its existence. But the documents only state that the base was used to […]

Keep Out!

Keep Out! by Nick Redfern I think it’s pretty safe to say that most people are at least tangentially aware of Area 51, the top secret military base in the Nevada desert that supposedly is the testing ground for captured UFOs, as well as top secret military aircraft. Most people have also probably heard of […]

Documentary Producer Promises UFO and Area 51 Revelations

Here is another story that I, unfortunately, feel will eventually find it’s way into the “too good to be true” file. According to Entertainment Weekly, a documentary filmmaker over at National Geographic will be releasing a film on Area 51, and is promising some “surprises.” A producer for National Geographic’s upcoming documentary Area 51 Declassified says […]

Alien Agenda

It’s a comprehensive history of the phenomenon, and very detailed, for the most part. A newcomer to the field could gain a wealth of knowledge from reading Alien Agenda, but armchair ufologists will learn a lot as well.

Area 51 debunked? I don’t think so…

Ok, so according to this article on AOL.com, the mysteries of Area 51 have been solved. It seems like five former employees at the base are talking to the media, and are claiming that the UFOs sighted at the base over the past 40 years or so can be attributed to a top secret military aircraft, […]