Ghost Hunter Claims to Film Queen Elizabeth I Apparition

Compelling evidence of the paranormal is extremely hard to come by. Most evidence falls into one of two categories: way too good to ever be true, or so vague/faint/fuzzy that nobody can rally even identify it. The “too good to be true” variety is usually the work of clever (or sometimes not so clever) hoaxers. […]

Ghost on camera at New Mexico Police Station

Ghost on Camera at New Mexico Police Station?

It must be close to Halloween, as the mainstream media stories about ghosts and the paranormal are picking up. This week, the buzz has been about the alleged “ghost” captured by security cameras on a New Mexico police station. The video is, of course, grainy and blurry and completely, ambiguously unimpressive. I took New Mexico […]

Cleveland Woman Finds Ghostly Couple in Cell Phone Photos

I’m always very suspicious of photographs of ghosts, especially in this day and age of apps and computer software that can let you manipulate photos in any way you want. Perhaps one of the easiest things to do is take an image of a person, make it transparent, and superimpose it onto another photograph. Bam. Instant ghost […]

The Shipwreck Cemetery

Sandwood Bay, and its famed sea stack Am Buachaille, is situated a few miles from Cape Wrath, Sutherland in the Scottish Highlands. To reach it, you have to walk four miles along a track from the Blairmore car park, the nearest you will get a car. Lying at the end of the path is one […]

“Unexplainable” Photo Snapped at Jim Morrison’s Grave

There seem to be a lot of stories about dead celebrities lately. And now we can add Jim Morrison to the mix. A photograph that was taken in 1997 seems to feature the image of the late rocker in the background. What do you think? Here’s one for fans of the late, great Unsolved Mysteries […]