FLIR Smartphone Case Brings Thermal Vision to iPhones

For most ghost hunters, the Holy Grail of ghost hunting equipment is the thermal imaging camera. They’re flashy, technical, colorful, and popular, but very few groups have one. Why? Because they’re insanely expensive. Many fire departments have them (for obvious reasons) and home inspectors use them as well, but it’s usually hard for a paranormal […]

Want to Talk to Ghosts? There’s an App for That!

Smartphones have really revolutionized the world. What an age we live in where we can access any piece of information we need from Google from pretty much anywhere, watch a YouTube video, play video games, or rate our favorite beer at the press of a button. There is seemingly an app for everything. And now […]

Cleveland Woman Finds Ghostly Couple in Cell Phone Photos

I’m always very suspicious of photographs of ghosts, especially in this day and age of apps and computer software that can let you manipulate photos in any way you want. Perhaps one of the easiest things to do is take an image of a person, make it transparent, and superimpose it onto another photograph. Bam. Instant ghost […]

Jason Hawes: Ghost boxes are “holding the field back,” but his new paranormal app will be bitchin’

Earth to Jason Hawes: you are not the be all end all of the following things: – the paranormal – paranormal television shows – Syfy In a recent interview, Jason Hawes gave a thinly veiled yet undeniably negative insight into his views on another Syfy show that, like Ghost Hunters, involves a team traveling to […]