Amityville Horror House

An Amityville Horror Connection

Connecting With Cousins Any good paranormal investigator will tell you that historical research is one of the most important tools in their arsenal. Ghost hunters use it learn about the locations they are investigating, and why a certain spot may have paranormal activity. Murders, suicides, and other tragedies such as horrific conditions at medical facilities […]

Ahhhh! ‘Amityville Horror’ home for sale in NY for $1.15M + animatronic hens

Anytime an article has a scream in the title, you know it’s good. Of course, this is the Daily News we are talking about. But I digress. The Amityville Horror house has been proven to be a hoax, the original people who started the story admitted to making it up purely to make money…and yet […]

Amityville Horror Thrills Again

Despite the fact that the Amityville Horror story has been proven to be a hoax, its legend still holds stronger than any other modern day ghost story in the country. This is proven by the fact that books have been written about the subject, experts have been consulted repeatedly through the years, the house itself […]