Self-Proclaimed Ghost Hunters Destroy Historic School

I’ve done way too many “trespassing ghost hunters” stories over the years, and even one last week regarding the Pope Lick Monster, or Goatman. At this point, it is just sad, either because someone dies, or because property gets destroyed. And in either case, something irreplaceable is lost. I was hesitant to report on this […]

Mysterious Images Spotted In Colbert County EMA Office

I know I usually tackle the UFO and monster sides of the paranormal and leave the ghostly stories to Laura, but I had to comment on this story after watching the accompanying video. Being a paranormal investigator for the past four years, I have seen many things, and many of those things have been extremely […]

School bus driver discovers haunting image in photo

I’ve mentioned before that I love these kind of stories, mostly because to me, they seem like unsolved riddles. Sure, a ghost in a photo is certainly possible, but has anyone ever actually been able to prove without a doubt that a ghost was caught on camera? No. In fact, most “ghosts” in pictures are […]