New Website Tells You If Someone Died In Your Home

What is the first thing ghost hunters usually ask when someone calls them about a potential haunting in their home? Usually it’s “Has anyone ever died there?” Most of the time, a homeowner will not know the history of the house, especially if it’s an older home. But now a South Carolina man has created […]

“Naked and Scared” Haunted House Event Canceled

Remember last week, when the news was buzzing about that haunted house in Pennsylvania that would allow visitors to go in nude? Yeah, well that’s been canceled. It seems the town officials didn’t think “Naked and Scared” was such a good idea. But guests can still go through in their underwear. Because that’s just as […]

Home Buyers Increasingly Concerned About Ghosts

Just a fun little story for a Monday. It seems that potential home buyers in the United Kingdom are becoming increasingly concerned about the homes being haunted by ghosts. They also have lots of questions about cows. Also, I know the British spelling of certain words is a bit different, but I’m not sure what […]

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July from The Occult Section and The New York Paranormal Society! Have a happy, fun and safe holiday! We’re off for a few days but will see you again next week! (Photo by Laura Pennace of Pennace Photography. Laura is a wedding photographer in New York City specializing in City Hall weddings, marriage […]

French Family Hit by Flying Chairs in Their Haunted House

Paranormal activity, for the most part, is subtle. A light knock on a door when nobody is on the other side, light footsteps coming from a room nobody is in, a whisper of a voice when nobody else is present. And the best way to tell that something is probably not paranormal is when it […]

Too Funky

George Michael, beloved musical icon and philanthropist, may have received a carless whisper from the edge of heaven from an unlikely source near his home in Highgate, Greater London, UK over the weekend. Micky Gocool and Louise Roche of the North London Paranormal Investigators just happened to be passing through on Saturday afternoon while the […]

Aren’t you glad you aren’t this group?

I bumbled across a Craigslist ad from someone unsatisfied with the way a paranormal group handled an investigation: This group came in did an investigation at my home several months ago. They claim to have amassed a good amount of evidence. The leader of the group told me he would have a reveal in a […]

Haunted House Attractions: To Go or Not to Go?

When I was really little, the annual trip to the local haunted house attraction, put on by a nearby Montessori school, was at the top of my must-do list. I would get myself in the mood for the big event by watching The Worst Witch for the zillionth time, anxiously awaiting the most amazing musical […]