A Paranormal Cruise

Yes, you read right. If you love the paranormal, and you love cruises, then have I got some information for you! Norwegian Cruise Line is partnering with the group Wisdom in Light to sell a paranormal-themed cruise around the Caribbean. In a stunning twist of irony (at least for us here at EPIC Paranormal), the […]

Flu victim haunts Heritage Hall

You all may be wondering to yourself (maybe even at this very minute), “Is Canada haunted?” Well I am here to put your mind at ease. Yes, it is. Especially Heritage Hall at SAIT Polytechnic in Alberta. All good haunted house stories start off with a dark and sinister past and the tale of three […]

Jennifer Love Hewitt ‘Thinks Her House is Haunted’

In a stunningly ironic and most likely marketing-driven twist of fate, Jennifer Love Hewitt, the star of Ghost Whisperer believes that her house is haunted. Of course, we are all haunted by people we went to high school with, so I’m not sure if I believe that part of it….but perhaps I am just being […]

A Lakeport haunting: Ghostly encounters at the grocery store

A haunted grocery store! Could it be true? Quite possibly….this is out of Lakeport in California (a seemingly very haunted state!). The Hansens have owned Lakeport’s Grocery Outlet Bargain Market on S. Main Street since 2003. Jeff Hansen said the store’s former owners mentioned the ghost, which he and his wife have both experienced. Jackie […]

Fright House: Jenna Bush on the ghostly music playing in the presidential home already ‘haunted’ by Abraham Lincoln

Two stories on the White House being haunted in the same week! I’d love to get in there and do an investigation. And totally pretend to be president. Jenna Bush recently interviewed with Jay Leno (wearing a super cute dress, I might add) and said she had some ghostly encounters while living in the White […]

Kate Morgan, Hotel del Coronado’s longest-term guest – er, ghost

I love me a good ghost story. Especially one that is not just the alleged spirit of some unknown person, but the spirit of a person with a name and a story. Such as Kate Morgan, the 24 year old woman who died in the 1890s at the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego. Did […]

Ever Wondered if the White House is haunted?

I know I wonder. Every. Day. Again, I’m a geek when it comes to this stuff, but if I saw the ghost of Abigail Adams? I’d try to sit her down and ask her a bunch of questions! She’s my (current) favorite female historical figure! Article from the Washington Post about the White House and […]

The Haunted Stranahan House And The Spirits Inside

It’s funny to me to think that the oldest building in an entire county is not that old, comparatively. But I think that must be my New England snobbery coming through. And then, of course, the United States pales in comparison to Europe, old building-wise. Oh snap world! The Stranahan House (now a museum), in […]

Doctor Says Near-death Experiences Are in the Mind

I think we’ve all heard about the concept of near-death experiences, and now scientists are claiming that the phenomenon is simply self-contained in the brain. Dr. Kevin Nelson, a neurologist in Lexington, Kentucky, studies near-death experiences and says they’re not imagined. The explanation, he says, lies in the brain itself. “These are real experiences. And […]

Light streak in Columbia Theatre photo likely wasn’t a ghost

Occasionally you hear interesting stories of potential evidence of paranormal activity caught inadvertently. This past week a story came out of Washington state about an odd photo taken during the renovation of the Columbia Theatre. The story describes the strange situation surrounding the photograph, as well as simultaneously debunking it. Interestingly, the editors at the […]