Flock of Sheep in Brooklyn

A Flock of Sheep in Brooklyn?

Yes, A Flock of Sheep in Brooklyn I’ve always been fascinated by the Fortean concept of out of place animals. History is riddled with stories of animals being seen and encountered where they shouldn’t be. I have actually done a number of stories on these kinds of sightings. Monkeys, kangaroos, baby elephants, and large cats […]

Mystery Poop Falls in Backyard in Canada

Anyone with even a passing interest in the unexplained or paranormal is aware of strange falls from the sky, the phenomenon where things fall from the sky that really shouldn’t. Charles Fort, the famous author and collector of odd stories (and where we get the term “Fortean” from) cataloged numerous stories of strange falls, including fish, […]

More than 1,000 dead birds fall from sky in Arkansas

Happy New Year everyone! And with a new year comes new strangeness. I’ve always been fascinated by these Fortean “falls from the sky” stories, in which animals fall from the sky for no apparent reason. Fish, frogs, dead birds, have all been reported falling from the sky, and in many cases, in places where they […]