World’s Oldest Man, a Parapsychologist, Dies

I hope I can live to be as old as Alexander Imich. A touching story from the New York Times, this 111-year-old man had many facets to his long life, including his extreme interest in the paranormal. (You can check out his book, which he wrote in his 90s, here.) Alexander Imich, a Polish-born psychic researcher who […]

Not all Paranormal Investigators are Created Equal: The Case Against John DeMaury

John DeMaury, the co-founder of the Butte Paranormal Investigative Team in Butte, Montana, has been popping up in our newsfeeds quite a bit today, and not for good reasons. Something about his name seemed familiar with me, so I went through the backlog of our stories, and found what I was looking for: Government Employee Punished […]

The X-Files: 20 Years Later

Holy crap. I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since “The X-Files” pilot episode aired. I watched the first episode when it premiered. I was 10 years old. And after that first episode, I subsequently taped every single episode, bought magazines, books, soundtracks…and can thank David Duchovny for pushing me right into puberty (even after […]

I Never Thought Syfy Would Stoop So Low

Yes folks, there is a very real possibility that Deep South Paranormal may be bumped up to become the second worst paranormal show ever. Syfy certainly has no shortage of ideas for TV shows. I’m more than a little amused at this casting call I found just now while searching for other stories to blog […]

Adele Invites Paranormal Enthusiast Robbie Williams and Ayda Field to Haunted Sussex Estate

I love me some Adele. I mean, who doesn’t? She’s so hot right now. AND she believes her crazy huge house is haunted. Naturally, when you are rich and famous you invite other people who are rich and (slightly less) famous than you to come find out what’s going on. Adele has invited Robbie Williams […]

The Paranormal in History: A Red-Haired, Blue-Eyed Ghost

I’m starting something new here at The Occult Section. I am ob-sessed with history and thought it’d be fun to do a weekly column featuring a paranormal story from the past. So! Without further ado, may I present to you a story from the New York Times, published on March 10th, 1884. Coincidentally, on the […]

Harsh Truths the Paranormal Community Needs to Hear

1. Orbs aren’t paranormal. Period. 2. If you’ve ever paid to do an investigation, you’ve been suckered. (Guess what kids – this includes us in the NYPS as well). Donations to an organization are one thing, outright paying to investigate is another. 3. The Stanley Hotel is not haunted. 4. Competition between groups is pointless […]

“The House Isn’t Haunted, You Nitwits”

The Spencer Mountain Mansion, located in North Carolina, is reported to be haunted. Not only is it reported to be haunted, but it has been turned into a Halloween season attraction, complete with a website that includes dripping blood. Classy. At a time when the paranormal is so “in” that logic is so often tossed […]

‘Judge Larry’ to consult with the paranormal on ‘Psychic Court’

How did I know the super dramatic Judge Larry Seidlin from Anna Nicole’s whole mess of a court case wanted his own TV show? I MUST BE PSYCHIC. “Judge Larry” may have landed his long-awaited TV show. “Psychic Court” will take litigants and viewers into the world of the paranormal. After gaining national notoriety for […]

Casting Call: MTV’s True Life – I Have a Paranormal Ability

If you aren’t tan enough to be Snooki, or skilled enough to be a Survivor, but you DO see dead people….then MTV’s True Life is looking for you! If you are desperate to become a reality TV star (if only for one episode) but your only talent is in dealing with the paranormal…then please, answer […]