Ghost Hunters Arrested for Trespassing in Sheboygan

Sometimes, the easiest way to get what you want is to just ask for it. I’ve done dozens of these stories by now, advising would-be ghost hunters about the dangers of trespassing. Criminal charges, injuries, and death are what potentially await, and there’s been plenty of stories illustrating this. Most of these “haunted” buildings that […]

Ghost Hunters Caught Trespassing in Cemetery

After the past few weeks of people trying to blame paranormal investigating for why they got caught in illegal activities, it’s refreshing to see some ghost hunters getting in trouble for just plain old ghost hunting. A man and his two friends were busted by police for trespassing in a cemetery at night, and it […]

Four Ghost Hunters Charged With Trespassing

I don’t do too many stories on ghost hunters anymore, and there is a reason for that: there really aren’t too many interesting stories about paranormal investigators anymore. It seems that 95% of the time, it’s about some group trying to drum up attention for themselves in the local media. And that’s fine, but it’s […]

Ghost-hunting teens charged with trespassing

This is a continual lesson: if you want to be taken seriously as a ghost hunter, you should never trespass. You’ll get in trouble! I remember being 12 and looking for a haunted mill somewhere in the Massachusetts woods. I was with my older brother, and we parked on the side of a highway. Of […]

House That Inspired “The Conjuring” May Soon Welcome Investigators

On June 21, 2019, Cory and Jennifer Heinzen closed on a three bedroom Cape Cod located in Harrisville, Rhode Island. According to Zillow, the 19th century home built in 1836 with three bedrooms, 2 baths and a roomy 3,109 square feet sold for $439,000. In addition to a fireplace, forced air heating and a partially […]

Ghost hunters cause bomb scare with EMF meter

Ghost Hunters Cause Bomb Scare with EMF Meter

Usually, when ghost hunters cause trouble while investigating the paranormal, it’s because they are trespassing or destroying property or some such nonsense. In this case, however, the paranormal team did everything right. Well, except for leaving behind an EMF meter after their investigation, which was later found and thought to be a bomb. It doesn’t […]

Sasquatch Chronicles by Wes Germer

Paranormal Podcasts: Sasquatch Chronicles

When it comes to the paranormal and unexplained, the mystery of Bigfoot is pretty much at the top of my list of interests. Sure, I’m a paranormal investigator and am very much into ghosts and hauntings, but for me, if anything deemed “paranormal” has a chance of being scientifically proven in my lifetime, it’s probably […]

Self-Proclaimed Ghost Hunters Destroy Historic School

I’ve done way too many “trespassing ghost hunters” stories over the years, and even one last week regarding the Pope Lick Monster, or Goatman. At this point, it is just sad, either because someone dies, or because property gets destroyed. And in either case, something irreplaceable is lost. I was hesitant to report on this […]

Pope Lick Monster Roquel Bain

Ohio Woman Dies Searching for Goatman

It’s always sad to read stories like this, where someone dies as a result of investigating the paranormal. But it also makes me angry. Of course these people do not deserve to die, but it does upset me when people trespass or just engage in ill-advised behaviors in their search for the unknown. Because in […]

Ghost hunters trespass to investigate storm drain

Homeowners Clash With Ghost Hunters Over “Portal to Hell” On Their Property

As a paranormal investigator and someone who has been intrigued by the paranormal since I was very young, I’ve had a bit of internal conflict lately. I’m immensely interested in the paranormal field, but ashamed at the circus-like aura that has enveloped it lately. With the popularity of the paranormal came the leeches, the people […]