Who is Terry Carnation?

During the course of our workday, my wife and I tend to scroll social media a lot. We are still working remotely from home, and while we are fairly busy, we do tend to have downtime enough to peruse the inTerry Carnationterwebs. Earlier today, my wife noticed some alumni of the American version of The Office tweeting about this new paranormal podcaster. His name is Terry Carnation, and while I’m sure he’s a nice fellow, I don’t understand all the attention he’s getting. A quick look at his Twitter account shows he only has a little over 7,000 followers, and he doesn’t even Tweet that much. He only has 4 episodes of his podcast. This raised a few questions this morning during our morning coffee and social media frenzy.

Why are celebrities, mainly cast members from The Office, talking about this Terry Carnation, then? What is his connection to The Office? Why does he look strangely familiar? And why does he look like he would not appreciate a good-natured prank at his expense?

I don’t know the answers to these questions. Hopefully I will get a chance to listen to his podcast, Dark Air, sooner rather than later. After all, it’s only 4 episodes. But I’m quite far behind in my podcast listening as it is.

Good thing we are investigators at heart, and don’t like leaving any mystery unsolved. We realized that the key here was his subtle connection to The Office. The more we examined his tweets and retweets, his likes and comments, we realized that he must be a former cast or crew member of the hit sitcom. But who could he be?

He has to be smart – smart enough to fool a little over 7,000 Twitter users. How else could he keep his identity a secret? He has to be someone who enjoys the paranormal and other weird facts (e.g., beets and their unusual relationship with bears and Battlestar Galactica). And he needs to be close enough to the main cast of the show where they will follow him and retweet him. He must have an amazing sense of humor, as he’s spending a lot of time and effort to spoof us. So…who is he??

Thankfully, dear reader, I’ve figured it out. My wife had some very good guesses, but ultimately I cracked the nigh-indecipherable code. And thankfully it wasn’t one of those lame “the first letter of each paragraph” kind of codes. Clearly this is John Krasinski, who expertly disguised himself as Dwight Schrute in that very famous scene from The Office. All the evidence you need is below. Mystery solved. That, or it’s Rainn Wilson, as my wife suggested. Pfft.

Jim Halpert as Dwight Schrute

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