TikTok Ghost Encounter with Child?

If I had a nickel for every TikTok ghost video I’ve seen, I’d have…well, maybe a dollar. I don’t really do the TikTok thing, but my son and I watch a lot of YouTube, and some of his favorite kinds of videos to watch are the Top Ten compilations of spooky videos. So we actually come across a fair amount of content that people post on TikTok, allegedly showing alleged paranormal activity – ghosts, Bigfoot, UFOs, etc. I came across this story, of a TikTok user posting video of what he thinks is a ghost encountering his child.

A Disturbing Video

TikTok user @joshdean0222 posted the video to his account on February 22nd. In the video, his daughter can be seen on baby monitor footage sitting at the foot of her bed and peering down, as if she’s looking for something. She then climbs out of her bed, and gets down on the floor. She crawls under the bed, towards the head of her bed. As she crawls, she can be heard calling “Mommy…mommy!” as she appears to be pulled under the bed.

Check out the video for yourself, and see what you think. I have some thoughts, obviously.

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The video itself is intriguing, and at the end, even a little disturbing. Hearing any child in distress is never a pleasant experience. It’s a baby monitor, so the footage is, by nature, a little grainy, in black and white, and it’s a bit difficult to really ascertain what’s happening to this child. She does appear to be crawling, as he says his wife believes. And although it does look like she’s pulled under the bed by some unknown force, she could simply have been pulling herself. Her hands are not visible, so there’s no way to be sure.

The child’s voice at the end, calling for her mother, is unsettling. If it’s real, that is. User @joshdean0222 did post a subsequent video of his wife coming into the girl’s bedroom to comfort her. So, while I am a bit skeptical that this is a ghost or anything paranormal, there was definitely something that spooked this little girl. I don’t think the video was manipulated at all.

The father has posted some videos since, and now he’s hearing voices, and seeing orbs. Ghosts on the brain, is all.

A More Rational Explanation?

TikTok ghost encounter with childPersonally, I feel like this was maybe the child simply having a night terror (or sleep terror). Night terrors don’t happen frequently, but they do happen. And what are some symptoms of night terrors? The child may suddenly sit upright in bed. They may shout out or scream in distress (e.g., calling for mommy). They will sweat, have increased breathing and heart rates, and act upset, scared, and may thrash around. Many of these things we see in this video. From KidsHealth.org: “A night terror is not technically a dream, but more like a sudden reaction of fear that happens during the transition from one sleep stage to another.”

Ultimately, I believe this is what we are seeing here. I think this little girl had a night terror, jumped out of her bed, and believed something was happening that really wasn’t. She was scared, calling for her mother, and perhaps just pulled herself under her bed in an attempt to hide from whatever was frightening her.

Another TikTok ghost video? Or just a night terror? What do you think is happening here? Check out the entire series of videos below.

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