Is ‘Finding Bigfoot’ Returning to Television?

Finding Bigfoot has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. Not because I ever expected the BFRO team to actually find Bigfoot. Sure, the night investigations were usually fun to watch from a vicarious sort of standpoint, imagining yourself in one of the cool locations they got to go to, like the Pacific Northwest, or the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. But Bobo dressing up as a hippie or dragging a Girl Scout Troop into the woods, or the team shooting off fireworks or blasting whale song on giant speakers was never going to bring in a sasquatch nearly close enough to ever get any sort of “proof.” Sure, Bobo was funny, Cliff Barackman seems like a very sincere, enthusiastic, and very nice guy. Ranae Holland brought some much needed skepticism and level-headedness to the group, and Matt Moneymaker was…well, an interesting amalgamation of the other three, in addition to being a sometimes too-eager leader.

But for me, the show was interesting because of the eyewitness accounts. Every week, the team would hold a “town hall” with local residents nearby to where the night investigation was going to take place. I always loved hearing first-hand accounts, and seeing recreations. I also enjoyed the team going out to sort of debunk the account – try to gauge height of the alleged creature, where it may have gone, or what else it could have been. Anyways, Finding Bigfoot aired its 100th (and final) episode on May 27th, 2018. Fans have been asking for the past 2 years when it might be coming back, but with no answer. But then I just saw this on Instagram:

Not entirely sure what this means exactly, but Matt Moneymaker seems to be implying that the original cast will be back on Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet on President’s Day (February 15th, 2021), in some shape or form. Personally, I’m guessing it’s a one-off special, but who knows…maybe Finding Bigfoot is coming back for more episodes, maybe even complete seasons? I guess we will find out. Stay tuned…

Finding Bigfoot team on South Park, Matt Moneymaker, Ranae Holland, Cliff Barackman and James Bobo Fay
Finding Bigfoot, one of my guilty pleasures

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