Jose Canseco Worries that Bigfoot and Aliens May Get Coronavirus

A little over a year ago, before we had to worry about people hoarding toilet paper, social distancing, face masks, and the true horrors of this pandemic, disgraced MLB star Jose Canseco was simply content with hoarding wacky conspiracy theories about extraterrestrialss teaching him how to time travel. Oh, and many, many steroids. But now he has a new concern, and has stopped injecting himself with horse semen just long enough to posit a concerning question about his good friends, Bigfoot and the aliens from outer space: are they also susceptible to COVID-19?

Jose Canseco Bigfoot and Aliens

Now, Canseco should have known better, and stayed a minimum of 6 feet away from any sasquatch or alien acquaintances at all times. But one would think that Canseco, the self-proclaimed time traveler, would not be concerned with such questions. Can’t he just go ahead in time to see how many Bigfoot and aliens, if any, test positive for the virus? Then he can come back and let them know the next time they all go to the gym or whatever the hell he does with them.

As always, stay safe everyone…

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