3 Creepy Hiking Trails You Wouldn’t Dare Walk Alone

Ready for a hike? Be sure you have some good running shoes. They’ll be useful when you run out of the woods like a bat out of hell.

There’s more lurking around America’s nature trails than bears, mountain lions, and the occasional woodland hermit. You have some ghosts and other supernatural creatures to worry about.

Here are three creepy hiking trails you wouldn’t dare walk alone:

Castle Craig Connecticut - creepy hiking trail
“Metacomet Blue Blazed Trail – Castle Craig Connecticut” by Kenneth Casper (via Flickr)

1. Metacomet Trail

  • Location: Berlin/Meriden, Connecticut
  • Distance: 62.2 miles

Metacomet Trail starts from Connecticut, crossing through cities like Plainville, Avon, and New Britain to the Massachusetts/Vermont border.

For any paranormal activity, visit Connecticut’s Hanging Hills area. There wanders the legendary Black Dog. Joy comes to those who see him once, sorrow if twice, and death three times.

The story was first reported in the Connecticut Quarterly in 1898. A geologist only named “F.S.” and his friend were both found dead (years apart) in the bottom of a cliff after seeing the mysterious black dog three times.

Some believe the Black Dog is merely a fictional tale. Real-life geologist William Harry Chichele from Harvard University submitted a short story to the Connecticut Quarterly about the spectral canine.

Maybe the story is only a tall tale. Hikers to this day report seeing a friendly black dog only to be gone as soon as they turn their heads.

Feel free to venture around Hanging Hills to meet the dog yourself. It’s best only to see it once and let it be if you know what I mean.

“Squaw Peak-Provo, Utah” (via Wikimedia)

2. Rock Canyon Trail

  • Location: Provo, Utah
  • Distance: 5.5 miles

Long ago, Ute Indian chief Big Elk passed away in the Rock Canyon area from his battle wounds. His wife soon followed, attempting to climb one of the mountains. Squaw Peak is named after her.

To this day, people hear screams, battle drums, and witness ghostly figures running towards them before disappearing into thin air. Others have seen a man in 70s clothing and a spirit of a little girl lingering around a creek.

If you’re thinking about walking on the Rock Canyon trail, bring a friend or two (or an entire fleet).

Image result for silver star mountain trail
“Silver Star Summit” (via Wikimedia)

3. Silver Star Mountain Loop

  • Location: Skamania County, Washington State
  • Distance: 5.7 miles

Not in the mood for ghost-hunting during your hike? Perhaps you’re more interested in Bigfoot.

In 2005, a hiker took a picture of what seems to be Bigfoot wandering through the high hills around Silver Star Mountain. No surprise there! According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO), Washington has over 600 Bigfoot reports.

If you see Bigfoot on this trail, it’s best to leave him alone. He wants to take in the fresh mountain air and enjoy the scenery as much as you do.

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Happy trails, my friend.

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