20 UFO Sightings on Staten Island in 4 Years

Staten Island is usually referred to as “the forgotten borough” of New York City, more often the butt of jokes rather than being seen as a tourist destination or a trendy place to live. Even the local politicians seem to ignore or forget Staten Island in their dealings. But it is forgotten when it comes to the paranormal, as well. And that’s a shame. From haunted historic locations like the Conference House, Snug Harbor, the Old Bermuda Inn, the Kreischer Mansion and more, to purported Bigfoot sightings in the 70s, there are far stranger things happening in Richmond County than most people realize. Our friend Amy from the Staten Island Paranormal Society tipped us off to this article in the Staten Island Advance today, detailing 20 UFO sightings on Staten Island from the past four years. I haven’t seen any UFOs in the few short time I’ve been living here, but I know some credible people who have seen weird things in the sky above the Island. Some good stories in here. Enjoy!

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