Man Shot At After Being Mistaken for Bigfoot

Imagine being out in the woods, on a nice Sunday afternoon, putting up some targets that you plan to shoot at. Then, suddenly, someone starts shooting at you. The second shooter then tells you that he was shooting at you because he thought you were Bigfoot. Well, this is what allegedly happened to a man in Montana this past weekend, but things get a little weirder…

Mountain Monsters Bigfoot Hunter
The police lineup of likely suspects

HELENA, Mont. – A Montana man told authorities Monday that he had been shot at while doing target practice because a man mistook him for Bigfoot.

The 27-year-old alleged victim said he had been putting up targets on public land in the North Hills on Sunday when bullets started flying. He told police a bullet hit about 3 feet to his left, and then another to his right before he ran for cover and continued to hear more shots.

The man said he then confronted the shooter, who was in a black Ford F-150. The shooter reportedly told him that because he wasn’t wearing orange, he thought he was the mythical creature Bigfoot.

“I don’t target practice, but if I see something that looks like Bigfoot, I just shoot at it,” the shooter said, according to the victim.

Local law enforcement is now trying to find out the identity of the man in the black F-150, reports the Idaho Statesman.

Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton said there is some question about the veracity of the man’s report because it wasn’t called in until the next day, the victim was unable to describe the alleged shooter, and he said he did not wish to pursue charges over the near-deadly incident.

However, following a report on the incident in the Independent Record, another woman came forward with a similar experience. The woman told police she had been shot at by a man in a black F-150 as well, but there was no mention of Bigfoot in her report.

“We’re working to find this person,” Dutton said. “It is of great concern that this individual might think it’s okay to shoot at anything he thinks is Bigfoot.”

If the claims are true, the shooter could face attempted negligent homicide charges, according to police.

The whole story seems a bit odd to me. I don’t know why a person would shoot at another humanoid figure just because it wasn’t wearing orange. Hunters wear orange, but hikers? Second, wouldn’t the Bigfoot hunter notice that this guy was putting up shooting targets? Why couldn’t the victim describe the shooter, even though he apparently conversed with him? Why doesn’t he want to press charges against someone who may have killed him? And then there’s the mysterious second shooting victim, who also claims she was shot at, but no mention of Bigfoot. Why would the victims lie about being shot at? Their stories line up, at least superficially, as far as being shot at by a man in a black Ford F-150. It will be interesting to see if more people get mistaken for Bigfoot at shot at in the coming weeks. Hopefully, nobody is hurt or killed.

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