Man Shot At After Being Mistaken for Bigfoot

Imagine being out in the woods, on a nice Sunday afternoon, putting up some targets that you plan to shoot at. Then, suddenly, someone starts shooting at you. The second shooter then tells you that he was shooting at you because he thought you were Bigfoot. Well, this is what allegedly happened to a man in Montana this past weekend, but things get a little weirder…

Man shot after being mistaken for Bigfoot

The whole story seems a bit odd to me. I don’t know why a person would shoot at another humanoid figure just because it wasn’t wearing orange. Hunters wear orange, but hikers? Second, wouldn’t the Bigfoot hunter notice that this guy was putting up shooting targets? Why couldn’t the victim describe the shooter, even though he apparently conversed with him? Why doesn’t he want to press charges against someone who may have killed him? And then there’s the mysterious second shooting victim, who also claims she was shot at, but no mention of Bigfoot. Why would the victims lie about being shot at? Their stories line up, at least superficially, as far as being shot at by a man in a black Ford F-150. It will be interesting to see if more people get mistaken for Bigfoot at shot at in the coming weeks. Hopefully, nobody is hurt or killed.

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