Dr. John Bindernagel Has Died

Dr. John BindernagleDr. John Bindernagel, the famed wildlife biologist and Bigfoot author/researcher, died on January 18th, after a long battle with cancer. Dr. Bindernagel, based out of British Columbia, was a staunch believer in Bigfoot, and had appeared on countless television shows and documentaries regarding the Sasquatch phenomenon. But I will leave more eloquent obituaries to those who had the honor of knowing him.

I only know Dr. Bindernagel from his book and his many television appearances, but he had the type of personality that was instantly warm and welcoming. It was hard to see him on TV and not feel like you knew him well, like he was an old friend. He just had that kind of charisma. I watched him for so many years, I feel like I knew him. He had a relatable “folksiness” about him, a true outdoorsman who was always out there in the woods, researching a creature that may not even exist. He always spoke from the heart. John Bindernagel was passionate about his belief in Bigfoot, and that fervor came through in every interview he gave. Sadly I never had the chance to meet him.

Personally, I always loved Dr. Bindernagel’s swagger. Here was yet another accredited scientist who was not afraid to lend his voice and opinion to the study of Bigfoot, and those who might ridicule him be damned. He didn’t seem to care about his reputation, only that the mainstream scientific community get on board and start looking at Bigfoot evidence in an objective manner, rather than dismissing it out of hand. He was a staple on such shows as MonsterQuest, Best Evidence, Strange But True?, and pretty much any other Bigfoot show on TV. He appeared most recently in the Todd Standing documentary Discovering Bigfoot. His book, North America’s Great Ape: The Sasquatch, is pretty much required reading for any student of the subject.

Rest in peace, Doctor.

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