Mother Sees Ghost of Dead Child in Photograph

As a parent, I can easily imagine the heartbreak of losing a child. And I can completely understand people wanting and needing to see “signs” that their child or other departed loved one is still around, in some form. But the skeptical, scientific-leaning side of me makes me question everything, especially when certain “evidence” is not that compelling to begin with. The photo from the story below shows a bright spot behind one of the children’s heads – but honestly, I don’t see anything paranormal about it, and as in most cases, without the brightly-colored circle around it, I wouldn’t even have noticed it. In fact, I didn’t see anything unusual in this photo until I scrolled down and saw the circled bit.

Shanelle Massey photograph of ghost twin Deb Larcombe
Even with the Circle of Paranormal Certainty, I still don’t see anything here.

Twins have an unbreakable bond, even – it seems – when it comes to mortality. At least that’s what one mom says.

Eight years ago, Deb Larcombe gave birth to only one of her expected twin babies. While Taylah survived, her identical, brother Jeremy did not. Now, thanks to an unusual family photo, Larcombe believes Jeremy might just be watching over his twin sister Taylah, and the rest of the family, from beyond the grave.

While on a visit to Queensland, Australia, Taylah was featured in a family photo. After closer observation, Larcombe noticed a bright spot shimmering next to the eight-year-old’s head.

“After seeing the picture of the glowing face next to Taylah, people have kept telling me that Jeremy wanted to be in the picture,” Larcombe said to Metro.

The story behind the twins is a rare one. Fourteen weeks into her pregnancy Larcombe was told that Jeremy had Trisonomy 18, a condition in which a child has extra chromosomes. Doctors thought if Jeremy miscarried, Taylah might too, as she was positioned below Jeremy in the womb.

He was eventually born with with a section of his brain missing and with serious heart problems – weighing less than three pounds. He died a little over one hour later, and the twins never got a photo together.

“All the pictures from that day seem to have something in them. It is like there is a light moving around Taylah – and I think it could be Jeremy,” she continued.

According to Larcombe, the photographer, Shanelle Massey, didn’t notice anything unusual in the photos during the shoot, but thinks the family could be on to something. Larcombe also vowed that Massey did nothing to enhance the photos, and plans to hang this one in her home.

“It would mean a lot to me to think that here is a picture of him and Taylah still together in a way, with him staying by her,” said Larcombe. “If he is there, it’s as a friend and it’s nice to know he is nearby, watching over his sister.”

Even with my attention drawn to the bright spot with the “face,” I still don’t see anything, and even typical matrixing isn’t kicking in for me. It simply looks like the sun hitting the trees behind the children, or perhaps a bit of stray light entering the camera lens. If this wasn’t a grieving mother looking for signs of her lost child, would anyone have even noticed this? I doubt it. And if you have to strain this hard to see something, it probably isn’t paranormal.

Shanelle Massey ghost of dead child

One thought on “Mother Sees Ghost of Dead Child in Photograph

  1. I am not good with computers but I was looking for a site I could write about Mountain Monsters and read about your little boy and these absolutely incredibly inept men.
    Like you have said, not once has one shot been fired when supposedly being right there with the creatures. I have watched this series since it started because it is like watching something so incredible you can’t stop watching. I cannot believe these men are even put on TV. I am transfixed in disbelief that they expect people to believe what they are doing. I keep waiting for the big moment. It hasn’t come.
    Poor Willie has spent all of his time building traps just to occupy his time. He is great at what he does.
    One episode they caught a small hog and were going on like they had caught something with 3 heads. It was a small hog! I would have been so embarrassed to even show that.
    About the mother seeing the dead child in the photo, I don’t see anything that resembles a child.
    I just find all of this amazing. I do believe there are things beyond our knowledge and that most people do not lie about things they have seen or had happen to them. But when you put inept people to research these things it makes it all a big joke. These guys a are bunch of country bumpkins that need to clean their potty mouths. By no means are people from the country bumpkins but this group of men are.
    My husband and I plan to move onto our 100 acre land with lots, and lots of woods in the Kentucky countryside. I will be a transplanted Houstonian to country life. I look forward to the mystery of the woods. Please forgive me if I written all of this on the wrong site but at least I was able to express it. Thank You

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