Review: Bigfoot Research Kit

The Bigfoot Research Kit
Bigfoot Research Kit

Last Christmas I got the Bigfoot research kit. In my opinion this was a great kit because I like learning about Bigfoot. I love learning about Bigfoot but I didn’t learn anything new from this kit because I knew a lot already. But a lot of kids may learn kit from this kit. It has pretty much anything you need to know about Bigfoot.

The set includes a map, a size chart with a footprint and a height chart, hair bag, 2 sticker packs, a field journal, magnifying glass, Bigfoot Research Kit member card, and evidence flags.

One thing I wish they had included is plaster to cast a footprint or hand mark, so you can make casts while Bigfoot hunting.

One thing that I liked about this kit was the facts, which are very useful. One thing that I didn’t know was the locations of sightings all over the globe.

I really liked this kit because it has interesting facts and useful equipment for finding Bigfoot. I would recommend this kit to kids who like going Bigfoot hunting.

Jake is 9 years old and in the 4th grade. He’s been interested in cryptozoology and the paranormal from a very young age, just like his dad. Jake also appears on the Sightings Sunday podcast here at The Occult Section, and will be reviewing more paranormal-themed books and movies here in the future.


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