Where will Ghost Hunters end up?

Ghost Hunters not on SyFy
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As I reported back in June, it seems as though Ghost Hunters is done on the SyFy Channel. When Jason Hawes announced the news on his Facebook page that the show wouldn’t be returning to SyFy, many fans took it to mean that Ghost Hunters was canceled and wasn’t coming back. His comments were vague, but he did imply that the show would be coming back, at some point, somewhere.

As I stated in my earlier post, I’m not sure where Ghost Hunters will end up, as I don’t really see a better home for it than SyFy. Of course there are other channels, but very few of those that would be willing to carry the show will have the reach that the SyFy Channel did. And honestly, all that comes to mind is Destination America or the Travel Channel, and Ghost Hunters would face stiff competition on each of those channels from other equally terrible paranormal shows.

I came across this article today, where Jason was doing an interview for his new radio show Beyond Reality and having former castmate Grant Wilson as his first guest. Inevitably, the question came up of Ghost Hunters being canceled, and Jason had this to say:

What do you think is the state of paranormal TV now that GH is going to conclude after this season?

Hawes: GH is not concluding after season 11. It is only concluding on SyFy. In addition to the radio show we are looking for other outlets to continue our work and Ghost Hunters.

So here we have confirmation that Jason is looking to continue Ghost Hunters, but that he is still looking for alternative places for it to air. I find the silence surrounding this issue, from both Hawes and SyFy, to be deafening. I can’t really see SyFy letting them go easily, as they are a ratings powerhouse for the channel. So I’m guessing Jason and Pilgrim Films decided to walk. Most likely for money, and amount even SyFy had to say “no thank you” to. Maybe they’ll end up on Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime, but again, I can’t see any of those options really being more lucrative (or even as lucrative) than SyFy. Season 11 of Ghost Hunters is still set to air on SyFy, but after that, when and where the show appears again is anyone’s guess.

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    1. I doubt SyFy will cave. I feel like they’ve had their shot. I’m guessing they offered as much as they could, and Jason balked. Will be very interesting to see where they end up…

      1. Jason was the cause of Grant Leaving, i don’t care what they say, he just up and quit, then the home/hotel/Restaurant they bought together and moved their families into, went up for sale shortly after Grant left the show and then they moved out, no coincedence there, then Jay lets Amy & Adam leave because he was too cheap to pay them, and he wanted his Daughter in there, he is a greedy SOB< remember back in the day Donna the red head, she was good, her and the other 2 they let go, because Jason and Grant hogged all the money and there was not enough left for them, they said they could not even live on what they were being paid, Jason said they had poor representation, like he had nothing to do with them after always calling them Family, he is an azzzzz.

  1. They were the first show of its kind on cable TV. Can’t see syfy letting it go, but there are a bunch of the same on other channels, again they were the first and best so we will wait and hope.

  2. Yikes! Poor Jayson and crew this is a long time coming yes it STARTED out good oh how nieve we all were no they didn’t start it. MOST HAUNTED did. My hubby and I couldn’t wait for Friday nights hoping to “see” or “hear” something and oh how we fools believed everything. UNTIL!!#!! Our eyes were opened one fateful episode jay&Steve or the other guy pointed at a wall look there’s a shadow as the camera was on Steve’s ass,ear,nose ffeet or any other body part. We were fools and are deeply saddened that they took an already touchy subject and cheapened it SO THEY GOT WHAT THEY DESERVED shave and a hair cut YOUR GONE!!!!!!! Hope you still have your plumbing license well you do have those idiotic root router ads

  3. Thank God they’re going, and hopefully nowhere! I was an avid watcher for 2-3 years, when Grant left it got boring and Jason’s ego got bigger.
    The show NEVER catches footage, call it evp hunters…very dull and turned me away from their boring repetitive routine.
    Crap camera angles, cheap night vision cameras, not enough cameras, terrible cheap IR lights. Take a leaf out of Ghost Adventures book, ORBS ARE NOT DUST JASON, wake up and don’t be so matter of fact like you know for sure.

  4. It’ll be back. I listen to Jason on the pod cast show Beyond Reality. He talks openly about it. SyFy kept switching and delaying GH airings. 6 new episides once a year? Ridiculous. They were no longer committed to the show and are rebranding towards scripted dramas. GH deserves better. Keep an eye and ear out for the new series.

    1. I don’t doubt that it will be back, I just doubt how successful it will be. It was pretty much the anchor show for SyFy, and if they lost confidence in it, I doubt any other major network will.

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