UFO Over Staten Island is Against Hillary Clinton

We really try to stay away from political stuff here on the blog. This is a place to talk about the paranormal, supernatural and unexplained, after all. Though I am fairly convinced that Donald Trump is some sort of new cryptid (the lesser-known “orange pendek” maybe?) and that Hillary Clinton is a Lizard Person. Anyway, I saw this story and it was just too good to not comment on. Finally, a UFO over my new home borough of Staten Island, but it just turns out to be an anti-Hillary banner. The jokes kind of write themselves, don’t they? Hey, all we can do is laugh. No matter what happens in November, we are all doomed.

UFO is anti Hillary Clinton
Not a Lizard Person

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — After a viral video claimed a UFO was spotted looming over Staten Island, theories were debunked when a UFO hoax investigator confirmed it was actually a “Hillary for Prison” banner flown by Alex Jones’ conspiracy theory website Infowars.

The Inquisitor, is reporting that Scott Brando, who runs the website UFOofInterest.org and investigates UFO and alien sighting claims, says he has debunked the video, which was taken by a motorist driving over the Outerbridge Crossing.

The video sparked outrage and confusion on several media outlets, the YouTube video’s comment section and multiple UFO forums after it was launched on YouTube on July 16 by the channel, Secureteam10.

Footage was reportedly obtained by the channel from several sources, including one Staten Islander.

Secureteam10 said that the motorist who filmed the object in the sky first thought it was a banner, then later dismissed that belief after he could not find an airplane.

The channel then claimed the object was a massive UFO looming over New York City.

Before Brando dismissed the claims, skeptics were unsure of the video’s footage and believed it to be another hoax by the channel, according to the Inquistr.

This video is great (in a comically bad way), in that the narrator is so excited about this, claiming that it’s convincing evidence of a UFO. Anyway, I’m not sure why the motorist first thought it was a banner, and then concluded that it was a UFO simply because he couldn’t see the plane. Banners are typically bigger than the planes pulling them, so it makes sense that an initial assessment of “banner” would be the correct one. Unless the aliens are against Hillary? I mean, if extraterrestrials want to remain a secret, she’s probably not someone they want in the White House.

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