Woman Sees Ghost on Baby Monitor

There really is no money to be made as a paranormal investigator. But if I had a nickel for every time I had to explain to someone that the orb they captured in a photo or video was just a piece of dust, I could have retired comfortably about 5 years ago. And the only thing worse than people seeing these illuminated dust particles and thinking they are spirits are the local news organizations who give credence to the story. Like this woman from Michigan, who claims to have seen a ghost on her son’s baby monitor.

Kayla Marie Cruz ghost baby monitor
Dust particle or grandma’s ghost? Definitely grandma!

CALHOUN COUNTY, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – A Calhoun County mother has claimed to see some paranormal activity on her son’s baby monitor.

She believes a spirit could have visited her home.

Newschannel 3 spoke with Kayla Marie Cruz, as well as a local paranormal investigator to get to the bottom of the sighting.

Cruz says she saw a bright, unexplained orb hovering over her baby through the baby monitor.

She says the monitor’s sound level went red, meaning a loud noise, but no such noise could be heard.

She did some of her own investigating, and so did we.

Kayla Marie Cruz had just put her 1-year-old son Riley down for a nap around noon last Thursday, when she walked past the baby monitor and noticed an orb passing over Riley.

“I didn’t want people to think I was crazy but I definitely believe that it was something spiritual with him,” she said.

She says the strange light was accompanied by the sound level of the baby monitor going red–usually meaning a loud sound–but only soft music played on. She ruled out all other possibilities, and came to the conclusion that a spirit visited her home.

“We had a storm so it was really cloudy, so there wasn’t any sunlight that could make a reflection. He doesn’t have a mobile above his crib,” Cruz said.

Kayla says the mysterious orb hovered over her son Riley in the crib for about an hour and a half on the baby monitor. She says she could see it when she would look into the monitor, but when she would physically come into the room it was nowhere to be seen.

We asked Dan Holroyd from Southern Michigan Paranormals–a local group that investigates paranormal activity–what he thinks this could be.

“It’s anomaly. I never tell anybody when I catch such things that it’s absolute ghost or spirit, but it’s definitely unexplained at this point,” he said.

Cruz believes it was a visit from a family relative who passed away.

“I ended up just standing there and I actually said, I don’t know who’s here, but thank you for watching my baby,” she said.

The Southern Michigan Paranormals say they’d like to visit Kayla’s home to hopefully give her a better understanding of what the orb could have been.

For now, the mystery remains unexplained.

Ummm no. It’s actually very easy to explain. If you watch the video (the embed link isn’t working), you can clearly see that the “orb” is brighter in the center – exactly where the IR light is the most intense. It doesn’t hover, as Ms. Cruz claims, it just floats by. This is a piece of dust floating by the camera, not a dead relative coming back for a visit. As for the monitor redlining, baby monitors are notorious for picking up other stray radio signals, say from walkie talkies, cell phones, and even other nearby baby monitors. Shame on this Dan Holroyd person as well, he should know better. This isn’t unexplained. In fact, there are countless articles on the internet that scientifically explain this very phenomenon. We as investigators need to stop giving “orbs” any sort of serious attention, and focus on things that may actually be paranormal.

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  1. I feel ni shame in my printed opinion! It of is is unexplained unless you are able to visit the location and to exactly rule out the most obvious explination. I too can provide the same cynically provided explination as is qouted by you! But that is not proper scientific Method now is it? Nor a proper investigation. Your opinion is conjecture based on your own personal point of view. Before you throw shame on anyone get your facts strait. I offered nothing other than the truth….I cannot exlain it just from a video, that’s not investigative procedure. I will also be sure to say it here….I did not say it was a spirit!
    Thank you
    Dan Holroyd…

    1. I explained it for you. It is a dust orb. Any paranormal investigator worth their salt knows this. The shame is that people keep calling these dust orbs “unexplained,” when there is a perfectly normal and very simple explanation for them. And then people like Ms. Cruz continue to think they have ghosts, when they just have dust. I stand by my statement.

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