Rockies Pitcher Jon Gray is Also a Ghost Hunter

I must admit, I have fallen out of love with baseball. Back in the day, I used to watch it all the time, sometimes intently and sometimes just as background noise while I did other things, but I was always around baseball. I especially loved the post-season, whether my beloved Yankees were in the fight or not. But in recent years it has just bored me, and I’m more of a football guy these days.

So I really have no clue about who certain players are or team standings anymore (I know the Yankees are sucking this year, and Mets fans STILL insist on crowing about every single win, even though there are dozens and dozens of games left to play in the season). The Toronto Blue Jays and the Texas Rangers are apparently trying to garner interest by having Rougned Odor punch Jose Bautista on live television, but hockey already has the market cornered on boring sports where guys fight like children. So imagine my surprise when I found this story, about Colorado Rockies pitcher Jon Gray who is into ghost hunting. I mean, who knew the Rockies were still a team??

Jon Gray. Colorado Rockies pitcher, is a ghost hunter
Jon Gray, pitcher for the Colorado Rockies, joins growing list of celebrity ghost hunters

Jon Gray is just like you and I.

He goes to work, travels, and in his downtime, enjoys the odd hunt for dead spirits with the help of thermal imaging equipment.

The 24-year-old Colorado Rockies pitcher joined MLB Network Radio on Thursday night to talk about ghost-hunting in hotels while on the road with the team.

Gray said he wants to go back to the Stanley Hotel—the hotel that inspired the horrifying nightmare mansion from The Shining—during an off-day this season.

“I had a lot of fun going back there last season, I really want to go back,” Gray said. “I’d like to go in there and investigate by myself, but I don’t think that’s possible. I’m sure it take quite a bit of pull to get that place to yourself. But it’s a lot of fun.”

Gray then explained how he detects ghosts.

“They have different cameras. There’s new technology out there that can give you some different readings on things. A lot of people think when they detect a ghost that it’s temperature…but there’s these cameras that can detect full spectrum and color the human eye can’t see. They detect anomalies and EVPs to catch disembodied voices…it’s kind of interesting.”

But aren’t all voices, technically, disembodied?

Also to the author of this story on Fox Sports: human voices come from air from our lungs moving past the voice box, all stuff located in the human body. So, no, all voices are not disembodied.

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