Bigfoot Hoaxer Tries to Prove Bigfoot is a Hoax

I had a pretty busy, aggravating day at work today, and really needed a good laugh. And then I stumbled across this: a press release about known Bigfoot hoaxer Tom Biscardi presenting a radio show that would prove once and for all that the Patterson-Gimlin footage is a hoax. I’ll let that sink in for a minute…

Tom Biscardi Bigfoot Sasquatch hoax
The hoaxingest hoaxer who ever hoaxed a hoax

Back? Ok. So yes, that Tom Biscardi, the guy who has seemingly been attached to every major Bigfoot hoax of recent times, is now trying to make money by claiming that one of the best pieces of evidence that there may actually be a Sasquatch species living in North America is, itself, a hoax. Tom Biscardi, the guy who in 2005 claimed to have footage of a captured Bigfoot, which you could see for the low, low price of $14. Tom Biscardi, who then had to refund said $14 to everyone who paid in advance to see his captured Bigfoot, after Biscardi claims that he was “hoodwinked” and couldn’t deliver on his promise. Yes, the same Tom Biscardi who in 2008, claimed to have inspected the dead body of a Bigfoot that was shown to him by fellow hoaxer extraordinaire Rick Dyer. Biscardi claimed to have seen the body and “touched it…measured its feet…felt its intestines,” and promised the world conclusive DNA evidence as proof of their lofty claim. The Tom Biscardi who is such an expert that he didn’t realize that this Bigfoot body, that he so closely inspected, was actually just a rubber gorilla costume in a cooler. Biscardi, once again, claimed he was hoodwinked. Hoodwinked, he says!

So you’ll pardon my riotous laughter when it comes to Tom Biscardi now saying that he has irrefutable, undeniable proof that Bigfoot DOESN’T exist! Because the Patterson-Gimlin footage is fake, don’t you know! And he has extremely reliable witnesses! Like Bob Heironimus, who claims to have worn the suit, even though he can’t produce the suit, or any proof that he ever wore the suit, and totally got paid to go on TV and tell his story! Totally reliable! Or how about Philip Morris, who claims to have sold the suit to Roger Patterson, but who also has absolutely no proof of this! No similar suits! No receipts! Reliable!

If you can’t join ’em, beat ’em, eh Mr. Biscardi?

And while we’re at it, let’s ignore all of the evidence that actually supports the possibility that the film is not a hoax, like Roger Patterson maintaining till the day he died that it wasn’t a hoax. Or all the scientific research and analysis done on the film, conducted by, you know, actual scientists like Dr. Grover Krantz, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Bill Munns, etc., who all say the film is most likely authentic? Or how about Bob Gimlin, the only other living witness to the incident, who could have made literally millions of dollars exposing this story as a hoax at any time, but has yet to do so and continues to this day to stick to his story?

I’m not saying the Patterson-Gimlin film is real. It is very much still up for debate. But why should we even entertain Mr. Biscardi anymore? At best, he’s a bumbling idiot who was easily duped by fondling a rubber gorilla costume, and consistently falls for very obvious hoaxes. At worst, he’s a pathological liar who gets off on fooling people who are as dumb or dumber than he is and has nothing better to do with his time.

So yes, let’s listen to Mr. Biscardi analyze and debunk a film. On a radio show.

EL CAMINO REAL, Calif., May 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — For nearly 50 years, the world has been deceived. That all ends tonight at7:00 p.m. PST.

Photo –

There are a small number of film clips that have been burned into the world’s collective conscious.  The footage these motion pictures present capture once-in-a-lifetime events and have been viewed repeatedly, millions of times, leaving an indelible cultural impact across the globe. Lasting only seconds on the screen but a lifetime in our minds, these snippets of footage include:

  • President Kennedy’s assassination – Zapruder’s famous 27-second film
  • Loch Ness Monster – “Nessie”, as the mythical best is known, swims majestically across the famed loch
  • Hindenburg airship crashing from the sky in flames in 1937 newsreel film
  • Challenger Space Shuttle disaster shown live on CNN
  • First man on the moon by Apollo 11 crew from 1969
  • Bigfoot Creature – Patterson/Gimlin footage of the mysterious beast as it lumbers along a northern California river bank

All of these films have created lasting images of historical events, and have been accepted by generations past and present as proof-positive of their occurrence. While the authenticity of each of these famous film moments has been debated, never have any of these films conclusively been proven fake…until now.

The Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot Film decisively exposed as a hoax.

Often-referred to as the holy grail of proof of Bigfoot’s existence, the Patterson/Gimlin footage is now, for the first time ever, conclusively exposed as a fake in the new ground-breaking live radio broadcast: Hoax of the Century. The program beings tonight, May 4, at 7:00 p.m., online at

Finally putting the nearly 50-year hoax to rest, renowned Bigfoot researcher Tom Biscardi presents testimony from those involved in staging the film, providing decisive evidence that the footage was not of some unexplained and mysterious natural being, but of a man in a suit. This landmark radio program will irrefutably prove that the Patterson/Gimlin film was perpetrated upon the public as a hoax for monetary benefit.

Listen to the live, 2-hour investigative bombshell broadcast beginning tonight at 7:00 p.m., online at

While the authenticity of the Patterson/Gimlin footage has been debated before, and most believe in its validity, the following guests from HOAX OF THE CENTURY will make this radio program irrefutable in exposing the truth:

  • Tom Biscardi the producer of “Hoax of the Century” will host this media event.
  • Bob Heironimus that wore the suit.
  • Philip Morris, the man that sold the suit to Patterson
  • Author Greg Long, who through his book “The Making of Bigfoot” exposed the hoax for what is was and will on live radio present the truth
  • Author Michael Greene who wrote the book “Sasquatch for Sale” that describes the real players in the industry who continue to exploit this film
  • Investigator Leroy Blevins,the man who deciphered and researched the Patterson footage and exploited the hoax will also give his verdict of the Patterson Footage

Listen to this  live, 2-hour investigative bombshell broadcast beginning tonight at 7:00 p.m., online at

Thanks for the laugh, Mr. Biscardi. By the way, I have this awesome bridge to sell you here in Manhattan.

2 comments on “Bigfoot Hoaxer Tries to Prove Bigfoot is a Hoax

  1. Well done, thanks for posting this!

    It just amazes me that Biscardi still to this day sells DVDs of the “Bigfoot” footage taken by his mentor, Ivan Marx. Which is probably some of the WORST hoaxed monkey-suit shenanigans ever put on film. But Biscardi maintains it as actual footage of the actual creature. And he constantly proclaims the merits of Ivan Marx on his radio podcast internet show. Even better, Biscardi SELLS the Ivan Marx DVD “Legend of Bigfoot” on his website “Searching for Bigfoot” store.

    I would love … LOVE for these Biscardi “yes-men” researchers to apply their same amazing analytical talents to a study of Biscardi’s Ivan Marx footage. So Greg Long, Leroy Blevins, Mike Greene … would you care to research the Ivan Marx films that Biscardi stands by? You put a lot of time and effort into the Patterson film, and claim that was a hoax. So please, go ahead and proclaim the Ivan Marx stuff is as legit and as REAL as Biscardi claims it is. I dare you.

    I have a feeling that won’t be happening anytime soon. It doesn’t matter if Patterson’s Bigfoot is real or not. What does matter is known con-man Tom Biscardi is selling for profit DVDs of a known Bigfoot hoax. Anyone with eyes can see how pathetic the Ivan Marx footage is … anyone except Tom Biscardi apparently. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  2. another nut job who still thinks Big Foot is real. Lets just assume for one second they do exist. There would need to be min. amount of big foots in wild to keep their race going. Not one has even been captured or even shot. It would be virtually impossible considering the number of hunters in woods each year. The hoax has been exposed and my advice for those who still dig in on believing it – my advise is simple: 1) get help 2) talk to your family again 3) get help

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