Haunted Trails in New York and West Virginia

History and the paranormal have always been intertwined. Or at least they should be. Ghosts, after all, are thought to be the spirits or residual energy of people who have passed in the, well, past. So, history! Unfortunately, not every ghost hunter out there approaches history with the reverence it deserves. And that’s why stories […]

Ghost Hunters Arrested for Trespassing in Sheboygan

Sometimes, the easiest way to get what you want is to just ask for it. I’ve done dozens of these stories by now, advising would-be ghost hunters about the dangers of trespassing. Criminal charges, injuries, and death are what potentially await, and there’s been plenty of stories illustrating this. Most of these “haunted” buildings that […]

John Gray ghost hunters

Rockies Pitcher Jon Gray is Also a Ghost Hunter

I must admit, I have fallen out of love with baseball. Back in the day, I used to watch it all the time, sometimes intently and sometimes just as background noise while I did other things, but I was always around baseball. I especially loved the post-season, whether my beloved Yankees were in the fight […]

Ghost Seen in Good Life Festival Photo

Paranormal investigators are always looking for that “Holy Grail” of evidence, whether it’s a picture, a video, or an audio recording. The Bigfoot community has the Patterson-Gimlin film, which is either footage of a real, living, breathing Sasquatch, or one of the best, most elaborate hoaxes in human history. But even as good as that […]

Bigfoot Hoaxer Tries to Prove Bigfoot is a Hoax

I had a pretty busy, aggravating day at work today, and really needed a good laugh. And then I stumbled across this: a press release about known Bigfoot hoaxer Tom Biscardi presenting a radio show that would prove once and for all that the Patterson-Gimlin footage is a hoax. I’ll let that sink in for […]

Self-Proclaimed Ghost Hunters Destroy Historic School

I’ve done way too many “trespassing ghost hunters” stories over the years, and even one last week regarding the Pope Lick Monster, or Goatman. At this point, it is just sad, either because someone dies, or because property gets destroyed. And in either case, something irreplaceable is lost. I was hesitant to report on this […]