Pope Lick Monster Roquel Bain

Ohio Woman Dies Searching for Goatman

It’s always sad to read stories like this, where someone dies as a result of investigating the paranormal. But it also makes me angry. Of course these people do not deserve to die, but it does upset me when people trespass or just engage in ill-advised behaviors in their search for the unknown. Because in […]

Aley Meyer Jesus Christ sonogram ultrasound

Jesus Christ Seen in Sonogram

Yesterday I had to be a wet blanket regarding the Bermuda Triangle, and today I’m afraid I have to be a wet blanket yet again. A woman in Indiana spotted what she claims is the image of Jesus Christ on the cross…in her baby’s ultrasound photo. Now, one of the first things you learn about […]

The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle Solved?

I have been into the paranormal since…well, since my earliest memories of watching those terrible documentaries from the ’60s and ’70s on late night TV (I think TV Guide used to label them as “Speculation” – a very good term). They always had creepy titles like Overlords of the UFO or Beyond Belief or Mysterious […]

Stanley Hotel Ghost Photo

Ghost Photographed at the Stanley Hotel?

New technology always brings new glitches. That’s just par for the course. When digital cameras first came out, everyone went orb crazy, as their flashes on their new cameras illuminated dust particles, bugs, and moisture droplets that people immediately thought were ghosts. Now that everyone has a smartphone, those cameras are experiencing weird glitches of […]