The Year in Review: 2015 – Part 2

2015 digitalHere is Part 2 of our Year in Review. Moving away from personal issues, these next two parts will cover more of the funny and interesting stuff happening on the blog in 2015.

I’ll follow the same basic format I have in the past. So here in Part 2, we’ll take a look at the top search terms people used in order to get to our site, as well as some really bizarre ones that led them here. I’m not one to look at stats too often, so a lot of these came as a shock to me.

Top Search Keywords

1. “mountain monsters”: This one was no surprise to me. A little blog post that I did talking about the Destination America show Mountain Monsters and how mind-numbingly fake it is became the most popular post I did last year, and one of my most popular posts of all time. So many of the top keyword phrases for this year involved Mountain Monsters in some way, shape or form, such as “mountain monsters fake,” “mountain monsters staged,” and my personal favorite, “mountain monsters wild bill mother.” Not sure what that guy was looking for, exactly. Probably don’t want to know.

2. “ghost boots photo”: Another popular post I did, regarding the photo that allegedly shows a pair of ghost boots behind a little girl. Some people speculated that it was the ghost of a samurai warrior. Take a look for yourself and see what you think.

3. “why did grant leave taps”: This one is on this list again. I guess people are still surprised when they turn on new episodes of Ghost Hunters and see that Grant Wilson is no longer a part of the show. Or they’re just hoping for any sort of explanation as to why he left. My guess? He still had a shred of dignity left. Quite possibly our most popular post ever.

4. “brian harnois”: Everyone’s favorite bumbling scam artist is still being Googled, I guess. I wonder how much money he still owes people?

5. “yeti”: Still ranking very high, despite the fact that I don’t do many stories at all on the yeti. Perhaps I need to do more…

6. “andre rand”: The man at the center of the Staten Island child murders controversy, and the main subject of the awesomely creepy documentary “Cropsey,” Andre Rand is still very much on people’s minds. I think he is innocent and was framed by overzealous citizens wanting closure, but watch the film and decide for yourself.

7. “plural of bigfoot”: This is a question I get asked a lot, and something that people get wrong all the time, and it makes my ears hurt. The plural of Bigfoot is Bigfoot. So there is one Bigfoot, or many Bigfoot. Please don’t say “Bigfoots” or “Bigfeet.” Please read the explanation if you are still curious as to why.

8. “is taps real”: No.

9. “bigfoot movies”: Now here’s a topic close to my own heart. Lots of great Bigfoot movies out there, but the two most recent ones I can recommend are the subtly creepy “Willow Creek” by Bobcat Goldthwait and the more action-packed yet still scary “Exists” by Eduardo Sanchez.

10. “jim penniston hoax”: Ahh, the Rendlesham Forest encounter. Either one of the most amazing and well-documented UFO encounters of all time, or one of the best UFO hoaxes of all time. I have to say that for me, I tend to believe it’s a little from column A and a little from column B. If you are not familiar with the incident, you can read about it here. But for my money, Charles Halt had the most intriguing account, and his rang very true to me. I don’t feel like this is a man who is lying or even embellishing. On the other hand, I am very much on the fence regarding Jim Penniston. While he seems sincere, his claims are a little more bizarre, and one can’t help but wonder if there’s some embellishment or outright hoaxing going on. Bizarre claimes don’t mean he’s lying, but it does make his statements a little harder to believe. Either way, a very interesting case.

Yes, People Actually Used These Keywords To Find Our Site

Leonardo DiCaprio occult1. “leonardo dicaprio occult”: Well, he did finally win the Oscar this year. Deal with the Devil? Magical spells?

2. “occult porn”: Returning from 2011, people are still looking for occult porn. Not sure what it entails, exactly. Satanic orgies? Bigfoot on Loch Ness Monster action? Ouija boards with nude women on them? Or maybe…

3. “ghost sex girlfriend hidden sex”: Yes, this exact phrase was used several times to get to our blog. Not sure if that says more about the searcher or us. I’m guessing this is all leading to our post regarding a man catching his wife and son having sex on his ghost cam.

4. “where is brain from ghost hunters”: I can only assume these people were looking for Brian (Harnois) and not “brain.” But asking about the whereabouts of the brains for this show is equally legitimate.

5: “what is wrong with wild bill nerff”: If you’ve ever watched an episode of Mountain Monsters, you have probably asked this exact question.

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