UFO Hunter Mistakenly Spots Saucer on Google Maps

You hear the term “enthusiast” a lot lately in connection to people who are intensely interested in specific things, such as the paranormal. Bigfoot enthusiast, UFO enthusiast, etc. And that term is perfectly illustrated here, because some people are just too damn enthusiastic about their interests to be objective or useful in their pursuits. Take Mr. Scott Waring here, a UFO hunter who not only mistakenly sees alien spacecraft where there are none, but also states specifics on alien lifespans. Because he knows these things to be facts.

UFO mistakenly seen on Google MapsThis photo of a “UFO” parked in Romania has fascinated alien hunters for years.

It is now being discussed around the world after a notorious ET spotter produced a video claiming it was left there by semi-immortal beings.

But there’s a very obvious explanation for the sighting, which UFO enthusiast Scott Waring appears to have failed to notice.

In his video, Waring said the weird object had been a source of fascination for years after it was spotted on Google Maps.

“Why would anyone hide a UFO for years?” he asked.

“Remember, most aliens will have lifespans of hundreds of years, if not thousands at the fricking least.”

Unfortunately, The Mirror has learned that the building is, in fact, a water tower that was built during the last century.

Just have a look here and you’ll see the incredible building in all its glory.

Water Tower UFO

Sorry everyone.

This happens all too often in the world of the paranormal. Someone is so focused on finding whatever it is they are looking for, whether it’s ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot, etc., that all they can ever see is what they want to see. A quick Google search would have spared UFO hunter extraordinaire Mr. Waring some very public embarrassment.

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