Kylie Jenner on Chemtrails: “Who is responcible?”

Who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory? I love them. They can be great fun to think about, as long as you are open-minded to the fact that there may be nothing at all to them. But the problem with the chemtrails conspiracy theory is that there’s not much supporting evidence, and thus it’s one of the easiest to debunk. I won’t go into details here, but you can check out this link and see for yourself. Of course, the chemtrail believers will then use another conspiracy theory (the government has all of these scientists in their pocket and they are all part of the vast Illuminati cover-up!) to explain the explanation. And thusly, conspiracy theorists can never really be swayed, because any argument you use to counter them is also a conspiracy. And round and round you go.

I bring this up because last night on Twitter, Kylie Jenner was rubbing her only two brain cells together as hard as she could in order to form a thought, and asked the burning questions all conspiracy theorists have about chemtrails (and I quote): “Who pays for this and why is this happening? Who is responcible? Is that something me?”

Kylie Jenner has a chemtrail conspiracy theory
“Is that something me?”

If Kim Kardashian is Mother Gaia and Khloé Kardashian is your kooky aunt, then Kylie Jenner is your weird cousin who won’t stop asking if jet fuel can melt steel beams on Facebook.

During a marathon session of tweeting with fans and followers Monday night, Kylie took a break to make us think.

The (poorly spelled) image she posted asks questions common amongst those familiar with the chemtrails movement, a group of people who believe either the government or the Illuminati (depending who you ask) is spreading chemicals used to brainwash the population using the contrails formed by airplanes.

Kylie Jenner chemtrails twitter

Who is responcible, indeed.

As far as conspiracy theories go, chemtrails is one of the least dangerous and most easily debunked. It’s sort of like people who think Stanley Kubrick faked the Apollo moon landings.

But this is not the youngest Jenner’s first foray into the world of the occult and mysterious. Last year, it was reported that Jenner had helped to create something called The Orgonite Society along with Jaden and Willow Smith, a “secret society of individuals” who make and distribute crystalline paper weights “to balance Gaia’s energies.” The group’s Instagram account has been dormant since May 2014.

And, indeed, teens tend to move on quickly. Just moments after exposing the #LizardTruth about our government, Kylie Jenner had moved on to another passion.

If Kylie’s looking for more conspiracy theories and government cover-ups to investigate, she’s got one just minutes from the Kardashian Family Seat of Calabasas/Hidden Hills: the Santa Susana Field Laboratory. Though it’s been used for many things over the years, in 1959, it was the site of a partial nuclear meltdown thought to be much worse even than the Three Mile Island disaster. It still remains unclear how much radioactivity was released into the now heavily populated surrounding area. For years, various groups have worked to clean up the highly polluted site.

Best of luck to Kylie Jenner on her new career as an Internet conspiracy theorist!

Is that something me, indeed. But I guess the conspiracy theorists do have a point. These chemtrails are brainwashing a certain segment of the population: conspiracy theorists.

5 comments on “Kylie Jenner on Chemtrails: “Who is responcible?”

  1. There actually is a lot of proof about chemtrail. It can all be found in the LONG list of government patents on weather modification technology which include tech for aerial spraying! Go look it up before spreading the same tired “conspiracy” theory lies!

    1. I am well-versed in the chemtrail conspiracy theory. And ironically, the article I linked to excplaining chemtrails clearly states that the theories include weather manipulation and restoring the ozone layey, neither of which is inherently devious. But the questions begs, if the government is doing something that is good for the environment, why not admit it? What you mention here is not proof, it is simply a speculation. Just because the government has patents, or is possibly experimenting with something, it doesn’t mean that they are actively using that technology. Saying that chemtrails are anything other than contrails is a conspiracy theory at this point. Sorry.

    2. The new colliders being built are a advance form of Tesla HAARP system
      they are not for smashing atoms. The masonic temple will crank up the advanced
      HAARP Generators and combined with the chemtrail catalyst, the Masonic temple
      will make good on their Georgia stones commitment to murder 7.5 billion humans
      in a zombie apocalypse. This is how the Masonic power elite will manipulate the bible
      prophecies to gain world domination and commit genocide against America while the
      Masonic power elite hunker down safely in their underground installations. These are
      NOT contrails they are weapons of genocide; Ekim Rrac

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