Police Blotter Fun with Bigfoot

Police blotters from other parts of the country are very different than police blotters here in New York City. Here, we get muggings, burglaries, attempted rapes, fights out in front of bars and nightclubs, vandalism, some really violent and scary stuff. But in Tennessee? Bigfoot getting the blame for some sort of ruckus. Plus lots of drinking. Behold another appearance of Bigfoot in a police blotter.

Bigfoot BlotterHawkins County Sheriff’s Office

Dec. 5

A woman reported 12 checks were stolen from her checkbook. The incident occurred as she performed court-ordered community service at a recycling center.

Dec. 7

As a man waited in his Surgoinsville driveway to “meet his wife” and hand over a camera, a vehicle pulled in and two males exited. The suspects then allegedly beat the complainant, who heard his wife yell, “That’s what he deserves!” Police advised him to pursue private prosecution.

Kingsport Police Department

Dec. 2

A car struck a trash can on Lovedale Drive, with the receptacle then ricocheting into “a guy on a bicycle.” The caller stated that the suspect’s vehicle then fled the area, displaying significant front-end damage.

Dec. 4

Dispatch was advised of a motorist “driving around the trailer park drinking and driving.”

Wise County Sheriff’s Department

Dec. 8

A motorist reported vehicle damage after following behind a truck with an open bed. Though garbage was allegedly spilling from the pickup, it was “a dead rat that flew out” and busted her windshield.

Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office

Dec. 4

Police were called to a youth basketball game at Bluff City Middle School, due to an adult couple “acting inappropriately towards one another … causing a disturbance.” An officer spoke with the pair, learning they had taken Valium and Suboxone. After performing poorly on sobriety tests they each were arrested for public intoxication.

Dec. 5

Officers were asked to check on a motorist who had threatened to “run his van off the top off South Holston Dam.” He was located and a stop was conducted, determining he was not suicidal. However, he toted an open container of alcohol and performed poorly on field sobriety tests, prompting his arrest for DUI.

A woman contacted police over a Facebook photo sent to her juvenile daughter’s account. It was from another girl who is “seeing” the same boy and displayed the sender exposing her genitalia. It was apparently an attempt to “show she had sent the pictures” to the disputed male.

Dec. 6

At approximately 11 p.m. a man requested police at his residence off Bloomingdale Road, stating he had armed himself with a knife due to someone outside banging on the home. The blows were so hard that a picture had been knocked off the inside wall, he told dispatchers, but he couldn’t see anything outside. An officer arrived and no prowler was located, leading the complainant to theorize the commotion’s source “was Bigfoot.”

Dec. 7

Indecent exposure was reported at a Piney Flats school, where several males were outside playing basketball. According to a caller, one of the players was “urinating at the tree.”

A man overheard a phone conversation between his girlfriend and her son, prompting him to tell her, “Get off his behind.” According to his claims, he then accidentally spilled a soda on the woman, but she believed it was intentional and called police. A check of his records revealed he had a no-contact order with the female, prompting his arrest.

During a stop of a suspected DUI motorist on Summerville Road, the driver advised he couldn’t do sobriety tests: “I’m too drunk.” He was arrested.

Being too drunk to take a sobriety test? Drinking and driving in a trailer park? Makes the Bigfoot story seem less ridiculous. And as for urinating on a tree and dead rats? That’s everyday stuff here in New York City.

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