Flying Humanoid Puzzles U.K. Pilots

Ever since I was a wee lad reading and rereading all the books I could find at my local library on cryptozoology, I have been fascinated by tales of flying humanoids. Mothman always fascinated me, yet he seemed to be more beast than man. But once I read about the flying humanoid that was seen here in Brooklyn, well, I was hooked. As the story goes, back in 1880, a man with bat’s wings and a “cruel and determined expression” on his face was seen flying about 1,000 feet above Coney Island, heading towards New Jersey. Of course my first thought was that hey, it’s Coney Island, and back then, the place was known for freakshows and other eccentric performers, so perhaps this was just a part of that. Part of me also wondered if it was the infamous Jersey Devil, heading back to the Pine Barrens. But perhaps it was something else, some sort of cryptid that we don’t see too often? My first hunch is the most practical and probably the right one, but it is fun to think about the other possibilities. Which brings me to today’s story, about pilots in England seeing – you guessed it – a man flying through the air. And frighteningly close to their planes.

Flying Man Puzzles UK Pilots

Pretty certain there’s nothing paranormal or cryptozoological going on here, but any way you slice it, it’s a bit odd to have a man skydiving or using a wing suit that close to a commercial airliner. Who or what do you think this flying humanoid was?

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