Megan Fox Thinks She’d Be Good at Finding Bigfoot

I’m not sure why stories like this fascinate me so much. Maybe it’s the fact that celebrities are talking about the paranormal. But more than likely, it’s the hubris of an airhead celebrity like Megan Fox thinking that she’d be the one to find Bigfoot, if she went out looking for the big fella. I also really love how the article just rambles off into a tangent about Finding Bigfoot. Like many cryptids, it’s just an awesome hybrid of things that really shouldn’t go together.

megan_fox_2012-HDApparently, in addition to being a Bigfoot believer, Megan Fox also thinks that she would find a Sasquatch if she had the chance to go on an expedition.

While at Comic-Con in San Diego on Thursday, the “Transformers” star opened up to People magazine about her fascination with the mythical beast and her “confidence” that she could take the legendary creature down.

“Bigfoot’s real,” she said when asked about her shared connections to those at Comic-Con. “And I have confidence in myself that if I were ever to be taken out on an expedition … I would be the one to find Bigfoot.”

The 28-year-old actress also says she’s been “pretty vocal about how I’m a Lord of the Rings geek.”

While speaking at a press conference about her new film “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” she talked about her past experiences at the convention.

“I’ve walked the floor,” she said. “I came once when my husband [Brian Austin Green] was here for Sarah Connor. I wasn’t promoting anything. I came in a Star Wars T‑shirt, and I walked around and nobody bothered me one time.”

Of course, Fox isn’t the only person to believe that she could find Bigfoot, there’s a whole television series dedicated to “Finding Bigfoot” on the Animal Planet.

On the popular program, which is now in its fifth season, four researchers travel to a different location in the United States and interview people who claim to have seen Bigfoot. Then the researchers set up re-enactments of the sighting to try to prove the existence of the mysterious creature. The team consists of Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) President Matt Moneymaker, researchers James “Bobo” Fay and Cliff Barackman, and scientist Ranae Holland.

The producers of “Finding Bigfoot” were recently approved by Idaho officials in the city of Troy to shoot footage in the area of Moscow Mountain, reports the Moscow-Pullman Daily News.

According to Troy city clerk Rhonda Case, the crew is expected to film twice overnight before wrapping up by the end of July.

Personally, I’d much rather see Megan Fox running around in the woods chasing Bigfoot than to have to watch her, you know, act.

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