Witches, ghosts, UFOs and zombies reported to British police

I have to admit, I love stories like this. I can understand people calling the police for UFO sightings, but how would a police officer deal with a ghost? Or witches (if they really even existed)? And honestly, I’m glad people have called the police when it comes to zombies, and the witnesses didn’t just try to stab them in the head. Because, you know, there’s no such thing as zombies. It really shows what police have to deal with, in addition to all of the real criminals out there.

Police in England are called due to witches, zombies, and ghosts
According to police, when asked how the witness knew it was a witch he was seeing, he simply said “She looks like one!”

More than 70 reports of zombies, witches and ghosts have been made to West Midlands Police over the past three years.

Figures revealed by a Freedom of Information (FOI) request show the force was contacted about 15 ghosts, 55 witches, and a pair of zombies.

Birmingham East had the most reported paranormal activity, with the least in Birmingham South.

The figures show a year-on-year increase in reported incidents.

There were 17 in 2011, 24 in 2012 and 30 in 2013.

Although all other categories were reported every year, zombies only made an appearance in 2013.

‘Deeply-troubled individual’

Force spokesman Billy Corrigan said: “The reports include ghost, zombie and witch sightings; hearing and communicating with the aforementioned; the use of witchcraft; claims to be a witch; and witch-hunters.

“I have not included items such as ‘she called me a witch’, or ‘he was in a zombie-like state.'”

He said that while the figures could seem amusing, behind some of the calls may be “a deeply-troubled individual”.

Six of the reports were categorised as “malicious” and Mr Corrigan said West Midlands Police always took action against people who knowingly made nuisance calls to the emergency services.

Over the same period there were 19 calls to the force about sightings of UFOs.

The FOI request was submitted anonymously.

Pranksters aside, I would have to think that the remaining reports were from people who were either misidentifying something (we have lots of zombie-like people on the New York City subways) and people who are mentally ill (again, lots of them on the subways here).

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