Ryan Buell scams Paranormal State fans

Ryan Buell Accused of Scamming Fans

A few months back, we did a story about Brian Harnois of Ghost Hunters fame, and how fans were accusing him of scamming them by canceling tour dates without offering refunds, or simply not delivering purchased items such as t-shirts. Fans were understandably upset at shelling out money to see the “para-celebrity” or to get […]

Witches, ghosts, UFOs and zombies reported to British police

I have to admit, I love stories like this. I can understand people calling the police for UFO sightings, but how would a police officer deal with a ghost? Or witches (if they really even existed)? And honestly, I’m glad people have called the police when it comes to zombies, and the witnesses didn’t just try […]

The Jersey Devil, or Leeds Devil

Jersey Devil: The Diva Cryptid

Lurking in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, a certain mysterious creature thinks he’s pretty cool. It all started with an X-Files episode back in 1993. Up to that point, only Bigfoot and Nessie had received any widespread cryptid coverage in the media. Then along came the Jersey Devil, ready to show up those amateurs […]